Corey Voss


'Liberator' Corey Voss Madison Street Worship Acoustic Performance - Christian Music Videos

Corey Voss and Madison Street Worship sing a beautiful acoustic performance of their song ‘Liberator.’ The lyrics will stir up a hopeful feeling in you, reminding you of the wonderful hope that we have in Christ. “We are tuning out the noise Pressing in to hear Your voice We are rising up And we’re shaking off the dust There’s a stirring in the wells And our hearts are overwhelmed Let revival come As we’re shaking off the dust” ‘Liberator’ is an encouraging and inspiring song from Madison Street Worship’s album titled Songs Of The House. Madison Street Worship is the worship ministry of Gateway Church in Shelbyville, Tennessee. While the group is singing, you can feel the joy that is exuding from them while they sing out the powerful chorus. The words are ones that you can hold on to during the highs and lows of life, remembering that God is never far from you. “The Liberator is in the house The sound of healing is breaking out Step into the freedom Step into the freedom we’ve found The God of Heaven is speaking now His word is tearing our strongholds down Step into the freedom Step into the freedom we’ve found” The beautiful voices, playful keys, simple drum kit, and acoustic guitar really add to the song and bring a warmth to the empty room that the group is performing in. It’s a wonderful thing to see and a song that you will want to keep playing over and over again. ‘Liberator’ is a song that reminds us of the freedom that we have in Christ. We can experience a true revival in our hearts and not be defined by past mistakes, because our God tears down the strongholds in our life. He makes all things new. And we get to praise Him with songs like this one and declare how amazing He is!