Britt Nicole


‘Keep Looking Up’ Britt Nicole And Joe L Barnes - Christian Music Videos

An upbeat and uplifting song from a Grammy-nominated Christian music artist encourages those discouraged and downtrodden to keep up the fight and to keep going.

Life can leave people battered, bruised, broken and scarred. Situations can be overwhelming, causing people to feel as if there’s no hope. Throwing in the towel and giving up can seem like a preferable course of action. 

However, giving up and giving in is never the right game plan. God's Word promises that He will remain faithful and never leave us, no matter the situation – good or bad. He is our shelter during life’s many storms. 

In the song, “Keep Looking Up” by Britt Nicole and Joe L Barnes, listeners are told to stay in the fight and continue to battle their present obstacle or hurdle.   

In the first verse, Britt shares her upbeat and motivational message singing that listeners have come too far to give up and that if you hold on, victory is just over the horizon.

In the tune’s chorus, Britt encourages all dreamers and believers to “keep looking up, up, up, up” and that “Heaven is watching over us.” She also, much like Journey in the 1980s, tells dreamers not to stop believing.

Britt and Joe also sing that they understand circumstances can appear dark, cold and without much hope. Those situations may even cause individuals to feel as if they are all alone, but the two singers assure listeners that is not the case. 

“Baby I promise that you’re not alone
Maybe you feel like you are in a storm
Maybe you feel like your heart’s broken and torn
Have you ever thought that maybe it’s divine?”

The catchy track with the reassuring and positive message would be a perfect addition to any pop radio station in the country.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, said the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”