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Blake Shelton


'Jesus Got a Tight Grip' Blake Shelton Live Performance - Christian Music Videos

Country singer Blake Shelton releases a faith-based track ‘Jesus Got A Tight Grip.’ You may recognize Blake as the loud-mouthed coach on The Voice or his numerous number one hits. But this superstar is trading in the trucks for a church pew with his latest single. ‘Jesus Got A Tight Grip’ speaks to his relationship with the Lord. Even though he may not be perfect, Jesus is still at the center of it all. “Cause Jesus got a tight grip on my soul And he ain't letting go, he ain't letting go The Devil reaches out but he can't grab hold 'Cause Jesus got a tight grip on my soul And he ain't letting go, he ain't letting go Might have a little rust on my halo But when I'm gone I know where I'll go 'Cause Jesus got a tight grip on my soul” While this may seem like a change of genre for Blake, he’s actually sang about God many times. He previously released a 2016 gospel song called "Savior's Shadow." Blake also performed other hits such as ‘God Gave Me You’ and, more recently, ‘God’s Country.’ This country gospel blend is certainly a winning combination and I love hearing this record-breaking artist give praise to the Lord. “Whoa, I got a long, long way to go Whoa, but I'm gonna get there I know” Blake is certainly singing the truth when he reminds us all that even when the Devil tries to bring us down, God truly has the tighter grip. He will pull us to safety each and every time.