Arrow & Ember


'Make Me Your Own' Arrow Ember Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

The husband and wife duo, Arrow & Ember, have just released the official music video for their beautiful song titled ‘Make Me Your Own’, based off of Psalm 23 and the parable of the prodigal son. “Good shepherd I have wandered Far away unaware That the goodness that I see now Has always followed me everywhere.” In the video, a little girl is running away from home, making sure to pack a small backpack with her teddy bear before leaving the house. When her father realizes what she has done, he runs after her, searching all over the field and woods in order to bring her home. Isn’t this a perfect image of what God does for us? He chases us down and seeks us out when we are hurting and even when we run from Him. He is our glorious Shepherd. Ben and Marla Kruse, the husband and wife behind Arrow & Ember, have been playing together for over thirteen years and have a great skill at conveying emotion through their beautiful lyrics and music. Their songs and known for their folk sound and for focusing on the themes of grace, hope, and faith. Unlike other Christian musicians, Arrow & Ember is not a full-time gig for Ben and Marla Kruse. Ben is a teacher, Marla is a part-time CPA, and they are parents to four children. They also lead worship at their local church. The two find time during certain weekends to write, record, and produce their music. The couple has shared about the obstacles that they have had to overcome in order to make music. “We’ve walked through some painful relational difficulties. All couples do, of course, but we've slowly persevered through significant financial difficulty, fear, relational isolation, and bouts of depression,” says Ben. “God is still bending us toward himself through trials, but we always come out on the other side more whole and with a greater intimacy with each other and Him. It's God's grace and promises that have buoyed and supported us beyond these things.  We want to share our story of grace through our art and music.” Praise God for this couple and how they are using their gifts to share His hope and love with others!