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Classic Worship Mashup by Christian Couple Caleb + Kelsey - Christian Music Videos

Caleb + Kelsey are a Christian couple who love to lift up the Lord's name in praise. And just wait until you hear the incredible classic worship medley they are sharing in this video. This duo beautifully blended "Come Now Is the Time to Worship," "Change My Heart Oh God," and "Sanctuary." The duo’s harmonies truly touched my heart. You can definitely feel this godly couple's love and passion for the Lord. This married couple has an incredible way of taking these classic songs and turning them into unique and amazing tunes that you have to listen to more than once. I just love how their voices blend together to produce such a beautiful sound. I'm so glad Caleb + Kelsey are using their God-given talents to sing praises to His holy name. Let us join our voices together and give thanks. Amen!