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Anthem Lights Sing A Cappella Hymn 'Holy, Holy, Holy' - Christian Music Videos

‘Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee; holy, holy, holy! merciful and mighty, God in three persons, blessed Trinity!’ Holy is the name of Jesus and that's never more apparent than in the popular hymn 'Holy, Holy, Holy.' There's a reason why this hymn is sang all over the world to praise His name. Through the darkness and worry, our almighty God is by our side. Today, the talented men of Anthem Lights are giving this hymn the a cappella treatment and it’s absolutely beautiful to hear. These gentlemen always put their heart and soul into every single performance. They truly give their all and it comes across with each song and medley. These men never cease to amaze with their vocals and they always pick the perfect songs to showcase their talent. These 4 men certainly have a God-given talent for performing and it's absolutely amazing to hear them lift up His name in praise. What a beautiful song to sing straight to the Lord. This is such a perfect reminder of the love and blessings that come from our Father each and every day. With God, there is truly hope and truth. When we give our life over to the Lord, there is a better one waiting for us in Heaven. I always love hearing the men of Anthem Lights make music for our Lord and this hymn is no different. What an amazing way to give praise to His name. Amen!