Your Light Shines

Your Light Shines

Whether we are weak or strong, whether we're right or wrong.
Whether we're rich or poor, we're gonna all be judged by You.
I hope that we can change our ways; God give us strength I pray.
That we can all find our way to eternal life with You.

As for me I try to do the best I can,
with Your grace, I know I can be a better man.

Your light, shines bright, in my eyes and You know who I am.
You came in Your Glory and saved us from our sins.

You promised us a better way and promised us brighter days.
You gave Your Son to save, all who believe in You.
If we live in Your light, there's hope of paradise;
Then we'll never be the same, no we'll never be the same.

As for me, I try and do the best I can, with Your grace I know,
I can be a better man .

Your light, shines bright, in, my, eyes, and You, know who I am
You came in, Your Glory and saved us from our sins

With so little time in this world, I need Your grace,
I need Your grace, to help me find my place, in paradise...

Copyright©2012 Brian Watts All Rights Reserved.

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