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  • beautiful king
    beautiful kingBefore i made this video i was not giving God 100% of myself to him, about a week agien i gave God 100% of myself to him . i put all my distractions away and God is my everything now. i made this video but i give all the credit to God bc i could h...jessica55homeschooler2010-10-02T01:36:181,430 views00:04:07
  • thank you
    thank youThis is a video that i made for my grandma and grandpa. i hope u all will enjoy it.

    God bless
    jessica55homeschooler2010-10-02T01:14:511,260 views00:05:30
  • There Will Be a Day
    There Will Be a Dayi love this song. I worked vary hard on this , so i hope that every1 will enjoy it as much as i do . God Bless all of u and i hope that this video will some how tuch u . Pless comment and God Bless.jessica55homeschooler2010-10-02T00:49:593,458 views00:04:28
  • finally home
    finally homei love this song and God just send this one.jessica55homeschooler2008-06-19T00:00:0013,359 views00:03:37
  • you reign
    you reignGod gave me a gift it put music to picks. i hope that you will enjoy this video.jessica55homeschooler2008-03-17T00:00:006,160 views00:03:51
  • madeleine mccann
    madeleine mccannpless find madeleine mccann. she has been missing for almost a year. you can go to if you would like to know more about missing girl madeleina mccann. and pless pray for madeleine's family and that they will find her soon.jessica55homeschooler2008-03-17T00:00:005,530 views00:02:13
  • Give Us Clean Hands
    Give Us Clean HandsI made this video for my dads church service. I hope your touched by it.jessica55homeschooler2008-03-17T00:00:0012,259 views00:04:44
  • homesick
    homesickthis is my favorite song . i hope that you will enjoy this song and the picks . God blessjessica55homeschooler2008-03-17T00:00:009,135 views00:03:39
  • Lonely people
    Lonely peoplelonely people is a grate song . it mite not be the happest song but is one in my top 10 songs that i love . i hope that you will like this video that i did. God bless to all.jessica55homeschooler2008-03-17T00:00:006,901 views00:02:49

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