Jackie Evancho Sings The Prayer With a Talented Young Boy



  • 2014-04-23T17:49:58

Jackie has this amazing ability to move people deeply and to facilitate positive change in their lives. I'm not even sure she's aware of it; although I did tell her so when I met her last March; others have as well. On the other hand, she has said that she "asks God to sing with me," and many of us are convinced that we have heard Him answer that prayer. I pray she has, too. By the way, Jackie was not feeling entirely well that evening. She was still feeling the effects of a cold that had hit hard her the day before. You'd never know it, would you?

  • 2014-02-25T11:25:20

wow !!!

  • 2014-01-06T12:17:30

Those that deny His existence sometimes have to sound off to justify their own beliefs to reassure their self they're right or, to pass on their own miserable attitude onto those in a jealous effort, attempting to bring down to their level of sad existence. Whatever the case, we only antagonize them by calling them out on their rudeness. Sometimes, it's just best to bless them and ignore them with indifference.

  • 2013-12-16T06:42:32

Welcome back Mr Smith

  • 2013-12-15T15:39:40

Not sure about all of the God references, but beautiful sounds from these lovely young people.

  • 2013-11-06T09:56:26

merveilleux !voix d ange!

  • 2013-11-03T09:39:37

il canto degli angeli

  • 2013-10-30T15:14:35

He (Cody) does not look like a "young child singer" - he is more like a young man!

  • 2013-10-13T03:31:35

Jackie has such a grown up voice!

  • 2013-10-03T05:57:11

Sandra,,,I agree with you! That lil kid should be wearing a gunny sack!...and should NOT be singing, holding that mic like she is!..and with her singing with a teen aged boy...my my my!...it just ain't fittin! She should be home watching TV series like Vampire series, while eating junk food and Twinkies, and out shopping at the malls, stealing make up, jewelry like all the other 13 yr olds do these days!...or playing those games like you do...to please the gods...yikes, please WHAT gods? thought there's only ONE GOD...why partake in such when clearly is satanic? I wish you were my mama..................NOT! Shame on you Sandra...for shame for shame! Your comment seriously disgust me! Here's why...Our daughter would receive some very ugly remarks for nearly everything, fault they could find. Was always from the old grouchy, unhappy old biddies...anything to cut her down rather than lift up. They say her shoes too shiny, hair too long, dress too frilly...mind you, she wore NO jewelry or make up and her clothing always modest because its a problem with men going after younger gals like these. They stalk and follow them, so we made sure her clothing was always modest! Our daughter was/is a music prodigy, but nothing close to this gal! But it was always hard trying to find age appropriate clothing for her to wear on stages, for church, and at age 17 she sang for TV evangelist series in front of 7,000...she needed a different outfit each night, so was very hard finding the right clothing for a smaller young lady. She was also featured on a Christian TV program, as a featured soloist. Believe me, this outfit she's wearing here is VERY VERY VERY appropriate, modest and beautiful....now I feel ugly inside because you touched a nerve. I need to go pray ask the Lord to forgive me and pray for you as well.... but 1st I'm going to replay this video and receive another blessing. This young lady for sure is one of the Lords own and was given a gift beyond measure!

  • 2013-09-20T00:46:48

That was Just Beautiful!!! I voted for Jackie Evancho on AGT

  • 2013-09-16T11:57:46

fantastic voice...............

  • 2013-09-09T19:52:51

Magnificent, heartwarming, hope of the future!

  • 2013-09-08T01:37:24

Amazing voices

  • 2013-08-25T18:34:34

He sounds like Josh Groban and she sounds like no one I've ever heard of before. She is so amazing it still stuns me every time I hear her.

  • 2013-08-24T19:23:40

Can't get a picture! Is there some secret for Godtube, for this is my experience every time?

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