John MacArthur Rebukes Joel Osteen



  • 2015-03-29T18:02:24

I love your comment AND having walked a deeper walk since becoming a Christian or as you termed it, " walking a more serious road to education in the word" has been important to me. I needed to know more. I need repentance everyday for something as well as more of God's wisdom and what pleases him. However; God hates sin big and small. He can use a donkey or Osteen, you and I. When we truly seek him we will find him. In My beginnings in a walk with God someone gave me a book about giving to obtain wealth, because of my Biblical ignorance and the fact that I didn't like the thought of giving to obtain something, I ask the Lord not to give me money for my giving a certain thing, but to please save a 100 people, FAMILY AND FRIENDS. HE MUST HAVE BEEN ENTERTAINED, BUT DID IT ANYWAY!!!!!! If Pastors disagree with him, he needs to be gently restored. He seems to be anointed as an Evangelist, but we have to be so careful, no matter what position we are put in to ask God to mature us and help us to grow. ( I do know people who want enter a church that listen to him.)

  • 2015-03-13T20:13:00

I know right. I've even seen Billy Grahams ministry get attacked. It seems like every ministry that gets in the spot light gets some kind of attack. Jesus ministry was sure in the spot light and it made a lot of the teachers mad. I think it's important to keep in mind that not everyone is suppose to be like me or like you. He gave us different jobs to do in the Kingdom of Heaven so it's okay if one ministry is different than another. They both serve a purpose in the body of Christ. Even those people that hold signs that say the end is here and you're all sinners have a purpose. And it's for the good of all.

  • 2015-03-13T20:04:38

Joel hasn't said anything yet to motivate me to actually say anything about it to the public. I don't say anything until people either teach that salvation comes from man and not God or that anything that goes against the written accounts of Jesus life. For example some people teach Jesus did not physically come back to life or even that he did not walk the earth. I've thrown out my inflated theology to a more simple one. If you believe that Jesus physically came back to life after He was killed your going to follow Jesus until you die.

  • 2015-03-13T19:55:09

Joni Barger If he believes Jesus resurrected from the dead after he was killed he is a Christian. I'm just saying. All unbelievers don't believe Jesus came back to life from the dead.

  • 2015-03-13T19:46:31

Well I guess it could have been worse. Some people teach that Jesus didn't even walk the earth or that Jesus did not come back to life after he died.

  • 2015-03-03T20:36:41

Sue Miller I heard Joel Osteen say on Larry King that Muslims and Jews were going to Heaven apart from a relationship with Jesus Christ. That makes him the purveyor of another gospel. John 14:6 Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Me!"

  • 2015-02-21T17:52:06

Men like this always want to promote themselves it is disturbing that this is still happening when over the past 25 plus years many Christians have tried to become one body of Christ. The many ecumenical conclaves have been wonderful! Shame on John MacArthur...God's word says: If someone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother who he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? 1 John 4:20

  • 2015-02-20T08:15:42

+We cant judge his heart. That is obsurd. :-) We have to warn others if we see someone teaching wealth of worldly things instead of the great wealth that doesnt wither and cant be stolen. Jesus didnt feed the multitude to end world hunger(though that is a good thing), he fed people to bring them to a place where they knew that he was the Christ and that his message was the one that they were waiting to hear. Jesus wanted people to realize that they shouldnt worry about things like food, cloths, water, and money because our God provides for us. Jesus wanted us to know that it is for us to become completely dependant on him and his power to save us from our sins of breaking the law and accept that he is the only truth about the way to life everylasting. It is not hate to worry about people who will get all they want in this world only to lose there soul.

  • 2015-02-20T03:30:55

Joe Abrams joel osteen and John MacArthur aren't preaching the same message. JO's message is always lukewarm.

  • 2015-02-20T03:26:35

Sue Miller When Jesus said "you brood of vipers" he wasn't being hateful to any human being. He was being a lover of truth. Lovers of truth never play the victim card. osteen rarely preaches about sin, the cross, Jesus, I could go on and on. Buy the truth and sell it not.

  • 2015-02-17T14:03:08

I agree with Dr MacArthur and all I can so to those who disagree with him is that they have heard nothing he said. Kind words and making people feel good about themselves wont get anyone into heaven. Joel Osteen has more in common with Universalism than he does with the gospel that says the path is narrow and we can only enter through that narrow gate. That is through Christ Jesus

  • 2015-02-13T16:37:00

Are you all that support worldly prosperity gospel that Joel O preaches so deceived? That you believe shear will, or some magic prayer or incantation can create worldly success? It honestly makes me ashamed and concerned for America. This is a wicked generation these comments make me believe that this is a wicked country... fat in our prosperity and selfishness. (1 Timothy 6:3-5). Over 80% of new Christians are and were (over last 10 years) living in absolute destitute poverty in places like China and India. They evidently don't have the will or positive thoughts enough to create their 'best life now'. Do you really believe that? Grow up! We are called to follow Christ ...not success! (1 Peter 2:21, 1 Timothy 6:7-10) The apostles did it to the point of being martyrs! All of them SANS...possibly....1 (debated whether John was boiled on the Isle of Patmos). Whether you feel GOOD or not during the week has nothing to do with THE TRUTH. Paul and other apostles called out false teaching. (Titus 1:10-11) What he is doing is EXACTLY what the bible tells us to do. If you want ...and I say again....I will pull out 2 pages detailed biblically supported commands to do this. Feeling good and letting feeling or success dictate truth or whether something is true or not is a LIE! (Jeremiah 17:8-9) Read and cite the Bible - You come and talk feeling....I post the Word and in context.

  • 2015-02-11T13:35:59

The "gospel" is by design motivational. Jesus was crucified because he "motivated" people, in other words he gave them a motive, i.e.; A PURPOSE. Any man who looks upon another man who is doing that with disdain is himself condemned and shows that he does not have a godly spirit.

  • 2015-02-09T03:11:43

I don't know who this man is, but he's not Christian, tearing down someone to make himself look better

  • 2015-02-08T14:40:04

I agree with Sue Miller - This guy actually spent the time to create a full sermon to disparage Joel - throw in angry with hatred. Joel is successful; this guy isn't - period.

  • 2015-02-08T14:36:43

Joel gives it a great try - week after week.... If he stretches something to make a point or uplift his audience, he's making the kind of effort the world needs.... There will always be detractors like John who sounds like he's on the ropes so he's trying for ratings by reverting to "Isis-like" messages! Get a life dude.

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