John MacArthur Rebukes Joel Osteen



  • 2014-01-28T21:19:04

this guys going to HELL in A handbag

  • 2013-09-03T05:02:22

I agree with what John MacArthur is saying. I did NOT agree with how he said it.

  • 2013-09-02T20:52:12

what if someone leads another person closer to hell?

  • 2013-03-03T09:46:39

Great sermon John! Osteen does not preach the gospel.Don't be deceived! This is the correct teaching.

  • 2013-02-08T22:16:40

Paul mentioned a number of false teachers. He said a "different gospel" was already being preached (Galatians 1:6 ). Paul even identified a heretical system he referred to as "the mystery of lawlessness," which during his ministry was "already at work" (2 Thessalonians 2:7 ).

  • 2013-02-08T22:16:12

Paul mentioned a number of false teachers. He said a "different gospel" was already being preached (Galatians 1:6 ). Paul even identified a heretical system he referred to as "the mystery of lawlessness," which during his ministry was "already at work" (2 Thessalonians 2:7 ).

  • 2013-02-08T22:09:57

This man needs to shout louder! We are told to expose the false prophets and that is what he is doing! This is absolutely NOT God what Joel Osteen talks about....He could probably be just as sucessful if he would leave GOD out of his motivatal speaking...Well I guess that is really what he IS doing ~ I absolutely agree with this man 110%.

  • 2012-12-20T10:34:32

Amen John MacArther.

  • 2012-10-19T12:58:19

God's word says in the last day's there would be preachers who will preach a message what the people want's to hear. another word of an itching ear. nobody want's to hear that God hates sin and he is still the same yesterday which is means before the earth was created , before he created man and the tenth commandment, before the new testment was ever written. today and forever means he has not changed Grace of God is not knew people. God always gave grace in the old testment and if U would spend time with the Lord Jesus and have a quite time with him he would show u this stuff and more in the word of God. did u know not everybody that comes from the Bible seminary, or preaches in the pulpit does not belive Jesus Christ is the son of God and he is not saviour, the Bible says that there would be false prophets. u can tell false prophets from diffrent religion but how can u tell if u saw a false prophet or not. if it bitten in your face. that's why God says that my people parrish because of lack or knowledge means they don't spend time with Jesus Christ Face To Face that's why the bible says we should pray for all leaders so that Satan would not decieve him. That's why I don't watch TBN no more, That's why I don't watch Daystar or any christian telivison no more I go to my Local church that preaches the word of God and I don't Go to a church if it feeds me or not , I go to church not just to grow in the Lord, but to worship the Lord everyday and tell people about Jesus Christ everyday and the Bible says u should know them by there fruit.

  • 2012-10-18T12:19:05

I am sorry this shoul not be on Godtube. He spent 6 minutes mudslinging another miniter because HE does not think this person is riht. Mudslinging is what politians do and they too are wrong to do it. Stick to te gospel and live for Jesus and let God takecare of what is wong. If Joels ministry is so off base and santanic it wont stand. That is what the word of God says. He cannot preach God and not believe in what he preaches. "A kingdom devided against itself will fall" Hitory has shown it in the past. I have seen charlotons be exposed and then they are heard from no more. But for you to do this over your own pulpit and spew your own beliefs and expect your flock to listen to you does not come from the Lord nor is it his message. Shame on you. You are playing religion not relationship Would Jesus done something like this. No he would not. He would have gone to Joel and worked with his heart and love him. Where is your love? I think it is time to do some heart searching and stop trying to make a platformof you own making. Are you a inister or a politian?

  • 2012-10-01T21:31:42

But that's crazy talk!!

  • 2012-10-01T21:31:03

I like Joel!!!

  • 2012-10-01T21:30:23

This guy must be Baptist...when you point a finger there are 3 pointing back at you...I would not watch this video or anything else in this direction...

  • 2012-09-19T23:01:16

April, we should judge by the message, and judge by their fruit. Does he pass both tests? And if not, must we keep quiet? Do we expose wolves in sheeps clothing or do we sit quietly in a corner and preach humanist misinterpretations? As Christians we are way too quiet about the prosperity gospel and the wolves, we having our churches destroyed from within, while we are told to be quiet. What did Jesus do when he found people making money from His Fathers house? How did he adress people in spiritual authority who misinterpreted the word?

  • 2012-09-19T15:58:23

Jaco En Sonnette Terblanche I understand but where does it tell us to bad mouth them in public? That is something that must be done in private. There is a scripture that talks about speaking against God's anointed. Can you tell me that beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not God's annointed? It is God's job to disprove someone and if he did use someone he would do it in a more tasteful way. GOd Bless

  • 2012-09-19T10:46:47

April, the judging that refers to is the judging as the Pharisees did, by worldly standards. We HAVE to discern between good and evil, true preachers and false prophets. That is what the Lord commands. I always find the misquoting of 'judging' by Christians disturbing...

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