Two Sisters Are Overwhelmed With Joy at Some Great News!



  • 2013-10-01T11:05:28

How precious god bless this family

  • 2013-09-30T15:11:10

How memorable...& fun it would make this the beginning.....of "their story"...... especially a 'continuation'.... of the day they are born..... & the girls' reaction! So Sweet!! CONGRATULATIONS on your 2 'newest' blessings!! what a miracle!!! :)

  • 2013-09-30T13:47:02

What sweet beautiful girls. It is obvious they have awesome godly parents

  • 2013-09-25T22:57:28

Awww this warms the heart.

  • 2013-09-25T18:05:23

All she wants is cake. LOL

  • 2013-09-25T08:06:38

so lovely........

  • 2013-05-19T22:06:17

Sir, who are you talking to? No one is advertising that I can see! It only pulls in your information from Facebook. Just confused about your comment.

  • 2013-05-18T01:30:44

AAWWW...How sweet is that!

  • 2013-05-17T06:22:35

The cake was a great idea of how to announce the new family members. They're going to make great big sisters!

  • 2013-05-10T03:42:04


  • 2013-05-10T00:24:38

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  • 2013-05-09T20:32:45

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  • 2013-05-09T20:14:08


  • 2013-05-09T12:38:26

how darling

  • 2013-05-09T03:25:41

Such a precious reaction. What wonderful big sisters. :) Love and protect your little siblings. They will do the same back to you. <3

  • 2013-05-09T02:37:47

I love this video.

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