This Wonderful Gospel Song Will Help You Align Your Day with God!



  • 2014-03-02T04:49:29

I BELIEVE!!! I would rather live my life following Jesus- doing what is right in His eyes- BELIEVING [Knowing] that I am daily blessed because I believe in Him & have a daily relationship with Him & that their IS a God & that He DOES exist - and die & find out that there is no God-heaven, Eternal life after deaf..etc; rather than... living my life in the world -be in Sin & misery, not believing in God but blaming God for my life etc... DIE & find out that HE really DOES EXIST! Then What? Know what I'm saying!? - What have I got to lose you say? ........Answer: YOUR SOUL! .. Heaven & Hell is real folks!! Choose wisely - God bless! <3 t

  • 2014-03-01T21:26:57

thank you that was beautiful and so inspiring loved it

  • 2014-03-01T18:20:00

Love it.

  • 2014-03-01T18:14:08

...nice song

  • 2014-03-01T18:13:00

....my tears falling down to hear this gospel music.......

  • 2014-03-01T13:41:56

That is beautiful and true. He gave His life for all of usl, but it is so sad that so many do not want to acknowledge Him, let alone accept Him as their Savior. The fields are ripe, they need to be harvested.

  • 2014-03-01T04:43:47

wonderful and moving song

  • 2014-03-01T03:37:14


  • 2014-03-01T03:26:04


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