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  • 2015-02-18T07:38:01

Debbie Whitcomb I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Yes, the Lord rejected him but it was for reasons other than his outward appearance. Thanks for agreeing with me.

  • 2015-02-18T07:37:17

Jovanni Araujo You, like Calvin and numerous others, are still trying to push your opinion as fact. It sounds good, sure, but it has no foundation in reality. It's alright that you feel the way you do, but if you're going to declare that someone like myself is wrong you had better bring some hard evidence to back up your claims. "marking your body is same as destroying his creation..." That remark is entirely absurd. Nowhere in Scripture is that sort of idea endorsed. You merely have an opinion that you feel strongly about and so you try to make Scripture support it, but it simply doesn't.

  • 2015-02-15T19:28:15

If you are claiming to be perfect since being born again, I pray for you. None of us is perfect, either before or after accepting Christ. We try harder after, but we fail. There is none perfect, no not one, except for Jesus Christ. We all do the best we can, but it will never be enough without Christ to cover us. We are imperfect beings.

  • 2015-01-27T13:31:01

What you didn't address, which I might add is what's most important to the Lord in context through the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor ch 8 &9 is using your liberty to cause your weaker brother to stumble. In my own words you are putting your self desire for a tattoo above your care and concern for other brothers and sisters that have a weaker conscience than you! I might add read Matt 18 where the disciples are asking Jesus about who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven - He says a young child, but finishes with, "he who causes one of these little ones to stumble it would be better to hang a millstone around his neck and cast it into the deaths of the see." Jesus point being - if you want to be great, care about the weakest among you above and before yourself! THINK ABOUT IT BRO AND REPLY!

  • 2015-01-25T17:11:44

I hope that your don't have earrings,, yes, they are socially excepted,, but under your logic,, there is no sin , that is greater or less,, except the unforgivable sin, of rejecting the Holy Spirit,,, scars, wounds, injures ,, are not ok?? So basically you are saying it's what is inside that matters,, live your life,,, or is your interpretation of the bible,, so much more correct, than the 100's of denominations out there that read the same bible and all have differing ideas,,,,, I'll keep my opinion to myself,, and will find out when I hit the gates of Heaven :)

  • 2015-01-25T17:04:25

You will need to redirect this to fat and over weight people,,, and on and on,,, please forward me the text of you directing this same idea to fat, lazy and over weight people,,, actually I get your idea,,, but it's so much easier to pick on one group, uh?? LOL

  • 2015-01-25T17:00:17

We are all in need of prayer!! Who are you to judge, or to say, that for a person, to have a reminder,, when things are rough, we are low,, that having a constant reminder,, is bad? The false priest,, would pray out LOUD,, and throw their money in the box, to draw attention to themselves, to show how holy they were,,, not to please God, but to show off. So be very careful in your judgments,,,,,,, Just saying.

  • 2015-01-22T02:26:59

Many of my tattoos are religious in nature to celebrate my Christianity. Thank you for pointing out that not ALL tattoo's are evil. My tattoo's are strictly stories of my life and showing pix of very important things in my life (God included)!

  • 2015-01-16T23:20:13

I got 3 tattoo's and they r ok I guess. :)

  • 2015-01-16T23:18:48

Amen dang it, you know it!!!!!!

  • 2014-06-06T06:10:59

Today's "red meat does not have blood" So what is that red liquid you are seeing in red meat? Red meats, such as beef, are composed of quite a bit of water. This water, mixed with a protein called myoglobin, ends up comprising most of that red liquid. In fact, red meat is distinguished from white meat primarily based on the levels of myoglobin in the meat. The more myoglobin, the redder the meat. Thus most animals, such as mammals, with a high amount of myoglobin, are considered “red meat”, while animals with low levels of myoglobin, like most poultry, or no myoglobin, like some sea-life, are considered “white meat”.

  • 2014-02-08T03:33:05

but in this verse He is not talking about a tattoo, those marks are from the nails that pierce him in the cross, your names are there because he got them to set you free, is not about if I mark my body with a tattoo before i met Jesus, is about what i know now that i respect this body that God gave me not to destroy it but to glorify Jesus with it. Why should I even think about get a tattoo with a verse on it, just to show that im cool? that i haven't changed? sometimes we can miss lead.... help the youth do not throw them back to world but save them from it

  • 2014-02-08T03:17:36

Brian Whosoever Akerly Isaiah 55:8 is precisely the point why we shouldn't damage our bodies and Samuel 16:7 is the call of service to God, In Daniel chapter 3 you can see an example of been faithful to God, when you walk with Jesus you appreciate more his creation, marking your body is same as destroying his creation and tagging your church. Jeff is excellent speaker with a great gift from God but sometimes we use our Gift in the wrong way.

  • 2014-01-16T20:24:17

Yup, this resonates!

  • 2014-01-16T15:49:40

Love dis! I think dis is my new focus point. Wow!!!!

  • 2014-01-16T14:53:03

Sinner, deceiver, liar, fornicator, blasphemer, prideful, wicked, deceitful, self-serving, self-righteous, arrogant, drug addict, dealer. Just to mention a few. Just wondered how the blood of Christ is weaker than the opinions and ideologies of man. Just grateful that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Thank the Lord god Almighty that I am loved by my Father in heaven as I love His Son as he is God. We will be required to show a harvest as those who don’t bear fruit will be cut off, gathered on a pile and burnt. Have you used the talent that God gave you in Christ's love? I work with REAL men who would laugh at some of these remarks, and if you said that to them you would probably end up getting a bear knuckle sandwich. Some of these men are covered in tattoos, skulls and dragons as well as some skimpy or undressed woman. But each time they hear the truth in scripture of how Jesus, my Jesus, died for them, I see how it strips the heart bear revealing a hunger that only God can satisfy. The bible tells me how if we cause any of his "little ones" to stumble we should consider suicide as there is much worse on the cards for people who do. Consider carefully that the wisdom of man will be made foolish. Our ideas and opinions do not hold up to His mercy. Read Leviticus where it says we should not make markings as the pagan nations did....... How did they do it? They worshipped the dead as well as death and used bloodletting, human sacrifice and tattoo marks to venerate the dead. So don’t venerate the dead, don't put pagan markings or mystical creatures on you, if you have..... Repent. and live like you have. don’t be judged, bound or condemned but live in the freedom of Christ, in that when you live Jesus the Law becomes a living breathing thing you can touch. Jesus is the Law made flesh! So if you love someone, and that person is everything to you, sent of God, you start to love the things they love. When i love Jesus, the things He is, that becomes important to me. He is the Word made flesh! 1 Cor 13 says that Have I not love, I am nothing but rotten flesh, worm infested, putrid stench covered with a cheap grave covering that even needs to be painted as even that does not hold up. Love covers a multitude of sins, does not permit it though. So love has set us free. Bible says that it was for freedom that we were set free. Free to do what we want? No! But free from the condemnation of Law. In Psalms it says that God engraves my name in His hand, another explanation says that he engraves with ink permanently....... I don't preach tattoo's I just say stop focussing on a new law, a new religious habit. love Jesus and love what He loves. The lost. He loves us so much that he put His money where His mouth was and proved it by dying to prove it. And in it He defeated sin and death and became the perfect spotless Lamb, the true pure offering to God for the sinner He would know me to be! Most of the church is lost anyway. The bible says two brothers will walk in the field and one will be taken and the other left behind. The parable of the ten virgins says that five will enter in and those without oil in their lamps will not enter in. We are focussing on tattoos and piercings, brandings and dermals? Half of the church if not anymore does not have a living relationship with Jesus. So the first line I wrote......? It described me; I was that before I served Christ. Bible says in Christ all the old things have passed away and everything has been made new. Don’t lose the newness, don’t forget how it was when you were first forgiven, don't forsake your first Love. Tattoo or no tattoo? Choose for yourself after you had dinner with Jesus. After you have loved like He did, let him without sin then cast the first stone. Love you all with the love of Christ. But I thought by now you would be teachers of the living Word and instead you still get flustered by these elementary things. The dying needs Life not more law. Go into the entire world teaching them this that Jesus had taught us, baptizing them in His name. And showing them how to follow the Way that leads to everlasting life! We will not be judged on sin but loved by Christ! We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I am no better than anyone. But God took a junkie dealer and fornicator like me, applied His love and mercy called Jesus, and made me His servant. I am your humble servant, the chiefetst of sinners, son of the Most High God. Christiaan Brandenburg (aka Pastor of Durban Bikers Church, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa) Jeff my Bro, bless you and keep the fire burning, follow hard and keep standing as you are blessing, an inspiration, a light that shines into darkness and the salt that gives flavour to this world. Yours in Christ Jesus.

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