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In what ways
is God calling you to visibly represent Him to someone else?

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Tim Hawkins on Hand Raising



  • 2012-11-29T03:54:02

this is funny. Will never look at hand raising in church again the same way.

  • 2012-11-28T00:18:10

this is great.

  • 2012-11-27T09:44:28

I think I hold a giant beach ball.

  • 2012-11-26T13:24:17

Yep me too!

  • 2012-11-25T00:30:43

The folks in my church don't do the hand raising, so when I get a chance, at another church or a concert it is ON!

  • 2012-11-24T07:15:45

These Christians should stop making fun of worship and of themselves if they are really Christian. Why do people become so bored and stupid on a planet of 2 billion suffering humans? Even Christians at that.

  • 2012-11-23T23:35:10

Yeah, it was great. I do get hooked on his video's I ordered his newest DVD.

  • 2012-11-22T04:04:57

Got you hooked. Have you checked out old rockers yet?

  • 2012-11-22T00:34:35

Saw Tim at our church in Overbrook, KS. He was so funny I hurt from laughing! I just wish he would give us a few minutes to catch our breath and relax our faces now and then. I thought I was going to need CPR! I loved it!

  • 2012-11-21T17:50:15

He is not mocking. Tim is comedian and this is what he does. He make people laugh. You are allowed to laugh with someone and at yourself. We don't live in the dark ages when all you did was beat yourself with a stick. They didn't have this kind of worship in the early church. Jesus said to go out and make disciples of all nations, spread the message of Gods love, share the Gospel of Grace. He doesn't say you have to beat yourself up over everything. Tim shares thing in a fun way and that is OK.

  • 2012-11-21T17:38:24

wonderful :)

  • 2012-11-21T15:57:19

Who says he doesn't share the word?Or have you forgotten that Jesus didn't say"the word must be preached every second of the day,no comedy."

  • 2012-11-21T15:52:06

Because Edengay,God didn't say 'thou shalt worship with a certain style' he want's our heart,he doesn't require us to use a certain style of worship,to worship him.

  • 2012-11-21T03:14:10

man's sense of humor improved with the discovery and expansion of Christianity, which indicates their strong correlation. Friedrich Nietzsche, after attacking Jesus and God in the last books he would ever write, went insane.

  • 2012-11-21T03:06:30

some humor is funny to virtually everyone who has a sense of humor - which would be impossible in the absence of intrinsic humor. Yet intrinsic humor would be impossible unless God appreciated it also.

  • 2012-11-21T03:02:53

God's sense of humor! It's everywhere: liberals once mocked General David Petraeus by calling him "General Betray Us"; liberal President Obama subsequently appointed him as head of the CIA, whereupon he caused a massive scandal that betrayed liberals by embarrassing them.