Where Was God? Mike Huckabee's Incredible Response to the Newtown Shooting Tragedy



  • 2012-12-27T23:01:30

The idiots are slowly chipping away at this large rock we call the USA and what he said is right on target.

  • 2012-12-27T19:28:09

God's love is still extended to "whosoever will".

  • 2012-12-27T17:11:17

This is something to think about, how much we needed God in our life.

  • 2012-12-26T21:03:40

You speak the truth, Mr. Hucklebee. I totally agree with you. God bless you.

  • 2012-12-26T08:33:21

This is so the truth.....God is a gentleman....if we tell Him to get out, He goes! God is life, always. Why do people who dislike Him and descry Him think they have the right to ask "Why did God allow that to happen". God doesn't allow these things to happen....WE DO! Tell it like it is. It's time to bring God back where He belongs......in the centre of everything!

  • 2012-12-26T05:55:37

Wayne A. Sluiter .....SO TRUE Wayne

  • 2012-12-25T12:04:31

i voted for him in the primary in 2008 -

  • 2012-12-24T15:42:28

Don't sweat it.. You're still loved <3

  • 2012-12-24T15:21:46

I totally agree! We, as a Nation, have escorted God out of everything and then apologize to others when we speak the Lord God Almighty's name!

  • 2012-12-24T12:31:02

Amen - so true and so beautiful, love it!

  • 2012-12-24T12:29:48

Yes! exactly that's it! the two Greatest commandments, and if we obey just those two commandments, we will, by default adhere to God's Word, and this world would surely be a much better place.

  • 2012-12-24T05:37:39

Susan... I love ya kid, but can we put aside the political rhetoric for now... even the Middle East has a cease fire for the Holy days. Wishing you and yours the best..

  • 2012-12-24T03:45:19

We all agree that this 'crazed carnage' was despicable. But what does our nation call abortion? Convenient scheduled elimination? What is it now - 54 million? Legal does not mean right, moral, just. When will we mourn the outrage of our 'legally crazed carnage'? When will we have leaders who will do as the good kings in the old testament did - repent on behalf of the people - cry out to God - do what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord? When will we have a nation who will follow after God in spite of what any in leadership might choose to do? We must remember that as the body of Christ goes - so goes the nation. Therefore lead the way in worship, repentance, intercession. Above all LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!

  • 2012-12-23T22:29:28

There is only one God. The bible tells us so. God created everything and us for a relationship. Instead man created his own gods and religions for his own purposes. What these perpetrators and those who are like them bringing evil did, God will turn it round for good. So bring God back in to your lives and communities, not other gods which lead to dead ends and the destruction of your own lives and others. The promised land cannot be arrived at any other way. God has already taken care of all those departed.

  • 2012-12-23T21:16:18

God didn`t leave America, America left Him!

  • 2012-12-23T21:13:22

Jeremy Case, so do I

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