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Always There
Do you believe that the Lord is always with you?

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Chosen, Holy, and Dearly Loved



Alive (Natalie Grant) - Inspired by The Story



  • 2012-02-21T19:50:41

Exciting news!

  • 2012-02-21T19:40:21

every time I hear this song I cry

  • 2012-02-20T19:05:12

I can not get enough of this song! Do we really truley know as Christians the Love of Christ! Think about that! Drench it in your hearts and souls. Not a selfish love but an unconditional love! Thank you Jesus your Love is never failing! I Love you!

  • 2012-02-20T15:44:00

Greetings brothers and sisters Hes Alive.any of u know where I could download this song.

  • 2012-02-20T11:29:15

Amen...Allelujah...His ressurection brings us sure of eternal life...A wonderful and beautiful song...

  • 2012-02-19T02:57:59

POWERFUL SONG, With a BEAUTIFUL Video.... Thank U Jesus for all your Love and Sacrifice.

  • 2012-02-19T00:22:11

A WONDERFUL reminder of our hope!

  • 2012-02-18T18:35:33

Beautiful song!"GOD'S LOVE & HIS MERCIES endures forever! Well Blessed! :-)

  • 2012-02-18T16:23:48

Love this song and its truly inspiring!

  • 2012-02-18T16:16:20


  • 2012-02-18T14:38:32

Louis Mckay I can understand that. It is a sobering thought to know that I am not innocent of His blood.

  • 2012-02-18T03:41:00

Hyun- GOOGLE the word (LAMANIN). You'll just love it !

  • 2012-02-18T03:38:26

Want to see how ALIVE HE IS (IN US), GOOGLE the word LAMANIN.First time I saw it it gave me GOOSE BUMPS !!! YES, HE IS ALIVE,in every part of YOU & ME. HE literally bind's every part of us to together ! The protein is the shape of a cross.

  • 2012-02-18T03:32:30

Hey SAM, have U ever heard of LAMANIN ? IF U haven't google it. WE have a protein in us that HOLD"S every part of us together. COOL part is it's in the shape of a CROSS !!!

  • 2012-02-18T03:27:00

Cecil Burdette -I checked GOOGLE- The name of the movie is "DECISION",starring Natalie Grant, her first movie. It say's she was pregnant with her 3rd child. It AIRED in 2011. It may be found on the - GOSPEL MOVIE CHANNEL.

  • 2012-02-18T03:17:56

Louis Mckay that's cool at less it's starts we it is a movie if he's been in others