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  • 2011-07-28T19:55:49

Ephesians 4:15, "we are to speak the truth in love." Satan does not obtain a foothold because someone speaks in love using Scriptural support. God doesn’t want peace at the expense of the Church’s integrity. Proclaiming you’ve had direct communication with God or Christ is a dangerous statement because of the real possibility it was a demonic impersonator of deity. Also, the belief that there is ongoing revelation and God is continuing to speak, is the denial of the singular authority of Scripture. Revelation 22:18-19. The last chapter in the Bible says, "If you add to it, God will add to you the plagues that are written in it.” Everything we need to know about everything has been “signed, sealed and delivered”. Yes, John saw visions of heaven while on Patmos. But that was God giving Revelation. Yes, Paul was possibly, probably, called up into the third heaven. (I say this because God tells us “whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows”). However the difference being, Paul was exhorted no to utter the things he saw and heard. Paul gave no detailed description of what he experienced in heaven. Jude 1:3 “I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” Multiple times Jesus exhorted “Search the scriptures. Search the scriptures. Have you not read the scriptures?”. And this was to his disciples! He didn’t take them up to Heaven to ask God or see for themselves. “Take heed that no man deceive you”. When we do not search the scriptures, but take man’s word for what is in heaven, we embellish the faith instead of contending earnestly for it. As humans we allow our emotions to twist the Word so it conforms to a cultural fad or perception. If it is on CBN, it must be right, right? No, wrong! And for anyone to say a person is required to have the same out of body experience before they can fully understand what God is doing is Gnosticism. Our experiences are not the proof of Scripture. We cannot rationalize that ‘because the revelation does not negate scripture, it must be true’. Biblical truth validates our experiences, not the other way around. What happens if this little boy does not rightly divide the Word of Truth? Or anyone who claims to have interacted with God and brings back what “He revealed?” If we begin determining truth based on experience, there is no limit to the theology, instead it is an ever changing and evolving Truth. There are many accounts in Christianity re: glimpses of Heaven. I am not necessarily negating that. However I am contending that the recounts of heaven along with new revelation is not Scriptural. A good book called ‘Miracles, Demons and Spiritual Warfare’ states " The Orthodox teaching of Christianity is always affirmed that God's special saving revelation to mankind is restricted to the teaching of Scriptures. That is the issue. If the Bible is complete, then it represents a closed system of proof. If it entails a fixed and absolute standard of truth, then the teaching of Scripture must be ascertained and dogmatically asserted. "If God is still granting new revelation, then the truth of God is still being progressively revealed and if this were the case, our duty would be to faithfully listen to today's prophets as they unravel God's truth in new and clearer representations than we find in Scripture."

  • 2011-07-28T15:08:03

Great question Norm! According to some they have experienced what Colton did but i really can't tell you what happens. Good question that requires more thought and research for me to say any more. There are stories of people coming back from the dead across the globe. Some are brought back by unexplained reasons, some by medicine and some are brought back through super natural healing and faithful prayer. It is my belief God's sovereign Power and Providence is just far beyond my understanding in matters like these but never the less i will allow my lack of Knowing exactly how they are brought back from the dead to stop me from believing nor hindering the faith of others! It is so sad how some people who claim to be Christians can believe in Man using medicine and science to bring back the dead and Heal but those same people will try to say the Holy Spirit does not empower Believers with gifts to do they same healing and bring back the dead. God is still in the healing business, the miracle business and ALL the gifts are still at work today but always for God's Glory alone! {{__There was this Christian lady that had to do a lot of traveling for her business so she did a lot of flying. But flying made her nervous so she always took her Bible along with her to read and it helped relax her. One time she was sitting next to a man. When he saw her pull out her Bible he gave a little chuckle and went back to what he was doing. After a while he turned to her and asked "You don't really believe all that stuff in there do you?" The lady replied "Of course I do; it is the Bible." He said "Well what about that guy that was swallowed by that whale?" She replied "Oh, Jonah. Yes I believe that, it is in the Bible." He asked "Well, how do you suppose he survived all that time inside the whale?" The lady said "Well I don't really know I guess when I get to heaven I will ask him." "What if he isn't in heaven?" the man asked sarcastically. "Then you can ask him." Replied the lady. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • 2011-07-28T10:53:18

What happens to the souls of those people that are technically dead, medically speaking, and then are somehow brought back. For instance, there is a story today about a man who was in a morgue refrigerator for 21 hours, pronounced dead, and woke up. I'm not saying this to go either way on this issue, just genuinely curious.

  • 2011-07-27T23:38:39

and thank you, Wallace for sharing Godtube!

  • 2011-07-27T19:41:17

ang pag asa ng mga tao ay ang pagkabuhay muli at sila ang magmamana ng lupang ito.. ayon sa mateo 5:5 at isaias 45:18 acts 24:15 Juan 11:25. pero totoo din naman na mayaakyat sa langit pero yaon lamang pinili ng dios mismo para maghaharing kasama nya tinukoy ito ng bibliya sa apocalipsis 7: 3,4

  • 2011-07-27T19:26:56

walang kadudaduda totoo talaga ang langit ito ay nakatala sa bibliya at pinatotohanan ni pan jesus at ng mga propeta. ang kadudaduda ay yung mga nagsasabing pumunta na daw sila ng langit diumano nakita nila si pang jesus pinagaling pa sila, pero ang tanong ano na ba ang nagawa nila sa gawaing dakila ng panginoon na para bigyan sila ng pribilihiyong makaakyat sa langit. tandaan na si haring david ay gumawa ng libro ng psalms, pinaglaban nya ang bayan ng dios, itinayo nya ang templo sa jerusalem pero ang matwid na taong ito ay hindi umakyat sa langit ayon sa gawa 2:34...pakiesplika per favore

  • 2011-07-27T16:51:47

Excellent book. Read it last week.

  • 2011-07-27T16:15:18

I loved this book! I would encourage everyone to read it...

  • 2011-07-27T14:24:14

We all agree the greatest miracle is someone repented and accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. BUT JAY you already said that Miraculous things don't happen anymore! So how can the GREATEST of all miracles still happen but the "less than greatest" miracles not happen?! The truth is God does perform miracles today and they are all Great! None of the Gifts have yet to cease and they will not until Jesus Christ has come again according to scripture. God bless you Jay and have a good day but this will end any and all division on my page between believers thus adhering to the scripture.

  • 2011-07-27T14:17:48

The Gospel of Mark 16:15-18 clearly states the Great commission and it says the following (15)"And He{Jesus} said to them{the disciples} Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.(16) He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. (17) And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; (18) they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover. JAY, the Bible clearly states WE chrstians are NOT to argue about scriptures and doctrines but to rightfully divide the word of God.

  • 2011-07-27T14:03:43

Jay,Thanks for your response. Jay, I never said in any way was it fine for anyone to add anything to scripture. I said God was not limited to what was in the scripture{Logos} and/or human understanding of the scriptures. The Rhema word (spoken word) of God is very much alive! Are you saying God has never spoken to you directly, through others, through His creation, through the Bible or through the Holy Spirit?! The Scriptures show you are mistaken about God not showing Himself in Miraculous ways today, millions of personal experiences and testimony's disagree with you, God's written word does not indicate in any way shape or form that miracles have ceased nor have ANY OF THE GIFTS EITHER! God states clearly in His written word that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God also states that He is NO respecter of persons. According to scripture, Only until We see Jesus { described in corinthians 13, that which is perfect has arrived} will tongues, knowledge and prophecy go away or die out. The unbiblical doctrine of cessationism which is like a wet-blanket on the Holy Spirit relevant to the one believing and teaching such. Cessationism is unbiblical and is one of the worst lies in the USA. So many denominations are dying because they are teaching this lie and so many christians are living a defeated and limited life because of the lie of cessationism.

  • 2011-07-27T06:07:24

ang pag asa ng mga tao ay ang pagkabuhay muli d2 sa lupa. mateo 5:5 isaias 45:18, gawa 24:15, Juan 11:25. read pls.

  • 2011-07-27T05:49:40

ang totoo niyan ano na ba ang nagawa nila sa gawain ng panginoon na magkaroon sila ng pribilihiyo na makaakyat sa langit? si haring david ay marami ng nagawa sinulat nya ang book of psalms, ipinaglaban nya ang bayan ng dios, itinayo ang templo sa jerusalem pero ayon sa acts 2:34 ay hindi sya umakyat sa langit..ipaliwanag pls...

  • 2011-07-27T05:43:51

walang kadudaduda may langit talaga pinatotohanan ito ng mga propeta at ni pang jesus mismo na nakasulat sa bibliya. ang pinagdududahan ko ay yang ganyang mga kwentong bata, kesyo nakaakyat na sa langit nakita si pang jesus, ay kwentong gas gas na. ang totoo nyan marami na ang nakaranas nyan hindi nalang nila ikinukwento kasi paimbabaw lang yang ganyan. kitam d2 mismo sa wall mo ang dasming nagsasabing nakita na nila ang langit at hinipo at ginamot pa sila ni pang jesus. madaling magkwento but to prove is another thing.

  • 2011-07-27T05:40:30

Mrs ReaLynch, with equal respect, when has stating one's opinion become arguing? I made a total of one post. Did you not state your opinion? You say it's a personal account, yet it is a published work and therefore open to public comment. The trouble with these types of books is that, for the most part, they give accounts of heaven, and hell, that are found nowhere in scripture. This is troubling because many in society today are grasping at straws and devouring anything that even smells of being "spiritual". Many people today think they will go to heaven because they are generally a pretty good person. We all should know that is the farthest thing from the truth. It is more loving to tell a person the truth than to withhold the truth. My comments were my opinion only, the same as every other post here. You stated "You're not showing the world the love of God by your contradictions against the Burpo family". I need to address that statement. If you think the book shows us the love of God you're mistaken. The love of God was shown on the cross. Now Colton mentioned that Jesus had "markers" and that was great. But as I recall, it wasn't mentioned why. Most every unbeliever I've ever heard knows that Jesus was crucified on a cross. They just don't know why. Every unbeliever, according to the bible, is at war with God and an enemy of God. They also do not seek God. Until an unbeliever gets downwind of themselves and sees themselves as God sees them, they will believe the cross is foolishness. Until a person is convicted by the Law (10 commandments) and sees themselves as despicably wicked the gospel is meaningless to them. The next Jesus that anybody sees is coming back with a sword and flaming fire. When Jesus left this earth the first time it was as a lamb led to slaughter. He will come back as the Lion of Judah. How many people, who read and believe in these kinds of stories, are going to have the shock of their eternity when they find out the truth? The "big picture" is that we are all guilty of sin through our wicked works. We have all lied, stolen, blasphemed, and committed adultery, in thought at least. We all deserve hell and it is our default destination not heaven. We all have a conscience that tells us when we've sinned. BUT, Jesus came into the world, being born of a virgin, lived life under the law without sinning (in our place) and took the punishment we deserved for our sins. The just suffered for the unjust so that the wrath of God the Father was poured out on His only Son, so that whoever shall believe on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Repentance and faith in Jesus as Lord and as Savior are what get us to heaven. So in closing I ask you, what is more loving, to only tell a person about the destination and not the particulars of how to get there, especially when the path to this destination is very narrow, or to tell a person how to get there and then what awaits them. What awaits them is, truly, The Big Picture. This is all my opinion based upon the bible. Yes, God is a loving God but He is also just, righteous, and holy. Justice will be served and God will be at His most loving when He is serving it. I don't want anyone to die in their sin and I don't want them to have a viewpoint of heaven that is not found in the bible. It is a very dangerous thing to dangle the carrot of heaven to those seeking a "spiritual encounter". I hope the Burpos are saved through Grace Alone, Faith Alone, and in Scripture Alone. I've seen no mention of their beliefs. If they are soundly saved I would encourage them to write another book about the Gospel message and tie that into their first book. If they are not soundly saved I would ask them, "So would you consider yourself to be a good person"?

  • 2011-07-26T15:49:42

Thank you, Colton, for sharing your experience!

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