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In what ways
is God calling you to visibly represent Him to someone else?

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Facebook If I'm a good person, do I really need to be a Christian?-Chad Miller



  • 2012-05-14T09:48:40

Thanks for accepting me and Glorious Lifting shall be real in Jesus name.

  • 2012-04-09T15:21:32

Special seasons greetings to all our brethren in Kent Foursquare Church. I pray that tha Resurrection power be made manifest in all of you as the victory of the cross be your portion for ever more. AMEN!

  • 2012-04-08T07:21:11

I am not clean but I wish to be for I see the kingdom of God.

  • 2012-04-07T10:15:06

Indeed, it is not by works of righteousness but by His grace alone! All our so-called self righteousness, is like a filthy rags before the Lord. After-all, no one is good.... except the Lord God, so says our Lord Jesus Christ. Please let us all come unto the Lord only through Jesus and we shall be saved.

  • 2012-04-07T04:54:37

Jesus is perfect and He IS good. He said those who have seen Him has seen God. He simply said that no human is good because the rich young man called Jesus a good teacher with hypocrisy in order to call himself good. Jesus was telling people like the young ruler to call Him good not with ignorance and malice but with true acknowledgment as the perfect good God because of who He is.

  • 2012-04-06T23:10:58

Jesus himself did not admit that He was good. Only the heavenly Father is good. But we can do good works and get some merits through the indwelling of the Christ in us. Not us but through Jesus Christ.

  • 2012-04-06T20:29:24

I am not good but I want to be and that's why God's word is so important.

  • 2012-01-31T14:17:41

If we are honest with ourselves, there is not a human being who is good by nature, consistently. Jesus pointed out to the rich young Jewish community-leader, no one is good by nature but God. People often make the mistake, even Christians, of practicing relative, occasional goodness and then justifying themselves by the occasional good deeds they do do, or the evil deeds they have not committed. We practice goodness and good deeds when we have a vested interest in someone or something, or if doing good deeds will enhance our reputations. Only by admitting that, by ourselves, within ourselves, as humans, that we are law-breakers, are we being honest with ourselves. We needs God's Nature within our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, and spirits, guiding us and controlling us. That is the whole point of being a Christian: being born again, not merely changing our social status from non- churchgoer to churchgoer, which accomplishes nothing in effect and has nothing to do with Spiritual rebirth. Of course, it does not involve, obviously, a second physical birth, as Nicodemus puzzled over. We are without spirits without God's Presence within us. We are separated from God and can only act good in fits and starts, not be good. In the truest sense, becoming a Christian involves surrendering ourselves to God as lost sinners and lawbreakers. He then sends God The Holy Spirit to dwell within us, giving us the spirits we did not have, giving us His Nature within us and making us able, through His Indwelling, to be good through The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. It is a birth of a nature within us that was not there before, the birthing of a new part of us that joins us to God and His Holiness and Power. As Jesus pointed out to Nicodemus, what is born of a physical means is physical and human in nature, but what is born by the Holy Spirit is truly Spiritual in nature, and then can be good with God's Help and Guidance. Perfectly good? Not at this stage. But good by receiving and using God's Goodness. That is why people need to become Christians. It is a matter, spiritually, of eternal life or death.