College Choir Sing GORGEOUS Performance of Give Me Jesus on Plane



  • 2012-01-10T20:26:32

I sang this wonderful song at my mother's funeral. all that mattered in every part of her life was Jesus and Him being glorified and that's why I chose that song. another interesting part of this is that Indiana Wesleyan University used to be Marion College, where my father went to school. thank you "hulahan" for posting this. it made me smile with the tears.

  • 2012-01-10T18:34:21

Thank you. That was beautiful! Let us all be so bold as to proclaim our Savior to the world.

  • 2012-01-10T18:31:12

I'm thankful we still have the freedom to lift our voice publicly about Christ and just pray for more hearts to HEAR!

  • 2012-01-10T18:16:09

Amen! Give me Jesus!

  • 2012-01-10T18:14:24

Beautiful! What a Blessing : ).

  • 2012-01-10T17:41:30

Thank You! Thank You! IWU Choir for sharing Jesus with us thru you gifted Voices! AMEN!

  • 2012-01-10T17:26:00

I don't understand why I can't open this on my computer. Had no trouble on my iPhone, but wanted to see and hear it here.

  • 2012-01-10T17:20:00

Awesome! I love the boldness and the strength in which they sang this great modern hymn. To God be the glory! (They did, I believe, change the words a bit, but it was all good.)

  • 2012-01-10T17:18:23

These are many of my son's friends. The one directing, Brian Dykstra is my son's roomie in Cleveland, Ohio. My son sang in this group all 4 yrs he was there at IWU. So proud of these young people proclaiming the glory of the Lord with their talents that God blessed them with. WTG IWU Chorale!

  • 2012-01-10T17:16:58

Amen! let the youth of today, bring us back into the glory of Jesus! may all the world be a song of praise unto Jesus. Give me Jesus!

  • 2012-01-10T17:08:35

May we be so bold as to "Give Jesus" to others as they did...Thank you for sharing I will be singing this song all day.

  • 2012-01-10T17:06:08

May God bless every one of those participants for being faithful testimonies for Jesus. "Give Me Jesus" is a good prayer for 2012.

  • 2012-01-10T16:46:15

Kelli it may have been sarcasm, but it is an unfortunate a reality. As Christians it is our privilege to expound on the name of our Lord and Savior! What a beautiful way to do this...on a plane with so many other walks of life. Wow!

  • 2012-01-10T16:09:51

Beautiful! I hope you all are signed up to participate in the World Choir Games this July!

  • 2012-01-10T15:53:34

For a moment there I thought the plane was going to fly all the way to Heaven to meet Jesus! Incredible Singing!

  • 2012-01-10T15:41:52

What a fabulous video! My FAVORITE EVER! Wish I had been on that flight! I fly for AA & have never been graced with such an incredible cabin of passengers. There's always the next trip I work.... :) Great job IN Wesleyan--- keep it up. Wish more groups traveling by air would take the initiative and do this. Praising Jesus while flying the skies.... what a concept! xo

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