Save the World With Our Guitars - John Fischer



  • 2012-04-04T13:56:41

Christiam music in the 70's, 80's, early 90's presented a gut-wrenching challenge for me. It challenged me to come to Christ, then challenged me to make what I learned relevant to the people around me. I don't feel that in today's Christian music - most of it is too 'baby-food' to me. When I perform a song, I don't want people to feel secure in anything but this - "God loves you and Jesus died and rose again to prove it." I want them to go away with more questions than they came with. Jesus IS the answer...but the questions are where we live out our lives in "fear and trembling."

  • 2012-04-04T02:30:53

Amen. Still love Keith Green's music.

  • 2012-03-30T02:42:42

Love the concept of being Christian in the Marketplace rather than trying to build a Christian Marketplace.

  • 2012-03-29T21:42:45

How many times do you see people leave a church when a pastor confronts poor choicesin that church? Whatever happened to the idea of being "planted"?

  • 2012-03-29T21:35:34

It wasn't Christian music that brought me to Christ; it was Christian music that, as a new Christian, kept me with Christ. I needed an alternative to secular music to focus my attention and challenge my thinking and perceptions about what it meant to be a Christian. John Fischer, Keith Green, John Michael Talbot, Don Francisco, Randy Stonehill, and many others provided that very necessary function. I would not have the walk I have today without the foundation laid then. Such artist exist today. Jimmy Needham comes to mind. And many contemporary artists have many good songs with great messages. However, all too often the message gets overwhelmed by the need to meet the bottom line of the industry. It is tempting to blame the industry but the reality is that it is we, the consumers, who drive this train. Too many of us don't want to be challenged, to be led from the wide path to the narrow. And it is in the nature of people, and the institutions they form, to give people what they want rather than what they need. It takes courage to stand alone; it takes an incredible amount of strength and energy to hold against the tide. This is a very complex issue with no simple answers but I thank God for those who did then, and continue today, to be Christians who play their music and spread their message.

  • 2012-03-28T20:30:16

John check out Josh Garrels, on youtube or vimeo.

  • 2012-03-28T14:29:42

Interesting - it was Christian music that essentially brought me to Jesus. Second Chapter of Acts singing " Hear the Bells - Easter Song" by Keith Green! I could have been one of those 4,000, John! Even though my listening now is mostly Christian radio I have realized more and more that the Christian music that is most ALIVE is the worship - where we are lifting up who Jesus is! Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing?

  • 2012-03-28T12:54:24

Good watch.

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