Are all Christians Republicans?-Mike McKinley



  • 2012-09-19T10:53:42

The Democrats could be Christians' option maybe 30 years ago but not in today's USA. The American Christians' dilemma can never be understood here in the light of the Scripture. What was the #1 national problem in Germany in the first half of the last century? It was the Jews singled out and slaughtered and the youth brainwashed to hate every non-confirming entity, not the bad economy, bad health, wealthy foreigners, or the strong neighboring countries. The #1 problem of USA today is the unborn humans legally slaughtered by millions and the youth brainwashed to hate anything that opposes the sinful liberalism, not the bad economy, bad health, pollution, wealthy foreigners, threatening nations or terrorists. The Germans did not have to be tamed and victimized by the villains and later halted by the foreign forces. They themselves...could have revolted against the evil. So is with the Americans. How could any true Christian hope for a better life, health, security and prosperity by voting for a party(Democrats) that blasphemes the God of the Bible and supports abortion(mass murder) and gay marriage( immorality and perversion)? Granted, for ages the natural humans everywhere have been killing the children they thought they didn't need and amusing themselves with despicable perversions, but how could Christians dream about becoming happier on the expense of the lives of millions of children on earth in a morally destroyed society? What kind of City could God possibly plan and build if His people are so downright selfish even among the haters of God? What blessing could there be? None. The American Christians should think again on what should be the #1 priority NOW if they still cannot decide what is the biggest national problem. Let the churches rescue and feed the poor for all time. Children are being killed now; let us risk our lives to do what is right. Though voting is not the only thing Christans can do in a free democratic society, it is a major thing with serious moral responsibility. Speaking to the American Christian conscience.

  • 2012-09-18T13:39:20

But what choice do American Christians have today? The party the liberal media and entertainment bash more are the good guys for Christians!

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