Tim Hawkins - Pretty Pink Tractor



  • 2015-08-14T13:14:20

I think it's a comedy masterpiece & the singing is great!

  • 2015-08-13T13:15:57

I think that is funny and very well done.

  • 2014-09-25T16:32:07

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  • 2014-05-06T21:10:16

u cant find good clean and funny stuff anymore. but this was great. loved it. my kids loved it. doing a great job. keep it up tim. u rock

  • 2013-12-21T00:20:40

really funny

  • 2013-05-30T21:12:19

I think you are so very funny and clean...no cursing, foul gestures, derogatory comments about people. Plus...you have a really good singing voice!

  • 2013-04-13T16:14:49

after katrina, my 95 dodge p/u, real rusty gray, decided to put new paint job. asked for "EGGPLANT" purple. 2 wks later went to p/u. o my GOD. it was LSU, K7B DRUGSTOR(RETIRE) COMPANY OR AS GRAND, LITTLE KIDS CALL barney purple PEOPLE LOOKED, KIDS THOUGHT I WAS SOMETHING.OTHER LAUGHT. AT LEAST WHERE EVER I GO, GROCERY, HOMEDEPOT, I CAN FIND IT. MY HUSBAND(REMODELING BUSINESS) HIS BIG 3/4 TON CHEVY BROKE DOWN. GUESS WHAT HE IS USING IN FRENCH QUARTERS, ETC.. I'll restore it soon. really suop it up, when kids ask parents for drivers liscence test. hear them say. go ask grandma to teach you! they will remember me into their grand kids. like I remember 1 grandma, getting her 1st s. s check. went bought playtex bra and gold tooth on her false teeth. wonder where I got it..

  • 2013-03-22T01:24:03

I love this video so much! 9Pretty Pink Tractor).

  • 2013-03-19T13:17:26

Good Word Brother John!!!

  • 2012-12-04T01:40:02

Love it. I needed to smile today. This did it. LOL.

  • 2012-11-30T08:35:30

Even painted pink that 460 will out work prissy yellow and green any day, any field. Why farm half when you can farm all!

  • 2012-11-18T00:27:15

No sympathy? :-(

  • 2012-11-14T20:40:30

Dear Seattle Friends, THIS is what my life has come to. HELP! ;-)

  • 2012-11-14T19:42:41

HAVE to show this to my dad!

  • 2012-11-13T23:47:10

Another reason why I love Tim Hawkins!

  • 2012-10-11T01:33:55


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