Dry Bones



  • 2011-10-29T06:22:28

One further comment... if "Israel returning to the Promised Land in 1948" is Biblical -- in fulfillment of certain pre-exilic prophecies – then what do you do with the “Return from Babylon” passages in the Bible, under Ezra and Nehemiah, after the 70 years of Captivity? Who do you think inhabited the “Holy Land” during the 400 inter-testamentary years? If the Jews never returned to the land until 1948 AD, then who were the 3,000 Jewish souls that were saved on the day of Pentecost? Where have all the intellectual, systematic and exegetical Bible study students gone? It is no wonder that America is in such a mess; the meaning of the Bible has been lost!

  • 2011-10-29T04:46:31

My husband and I agree with J H Owen’s comment on “Dry Bones - Inspirational Videos” (http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=F02FECNU) that the bones that came to life is the Church of Christ, which was breathed by God at Pentecost -- which, even to this present day, is composed of both believing "Jews" and believing Gentiles! [There is no consistent definition of "Jew" today, except for Romans 2:28-29 and Galatians 3-4. Check out Sephardic and Ashkenazim.] Prophecy is focused on Jesus, not Jerusalem. (See Luke 24; Acts 2; Heb. 1, 12; Rev. 1:1-6 and 19:10.) Anyone who believes in a future stone temple "more glorious than Solomon's" denies the very incarnation of Jesus Christ (Matt. 1:23). They, as dispensationalists, have made their speculative, futuristic eschatology to supersede their Christology. Sadly, they are throwing the "Baby" out with the bathwater! God was finished with Judaism when He ripped the veil of the temple the moment Christ died in 30 AD, and when the Romans destroyed the stone temple in 70 AD! The modern State of Israel is nothing more than a secular Zionistic political state. Its only practical value is for the protection/preservation of historical sites and records. Just read your New Testament and, while you are at it, get a copy of the writings of the First Century historian Josephus.

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The valley of dry bones is now the united states. We claim 86% of us believe in God but where are we on Sunday morning? I see alot of empty seats in the churches. How many people do you know who actually study the bible. Or teach it to their children? Could you imagine if 86% of this country actually started praying for this country? 86% of us claim to beleive in God so what Satan does too. the real question is how many of us are actually lead by his spirit? After all the bible says those who are lead by the spirit are the sons of God.(No prejudice meant to females they too are included) So just where are all these Christians? I would say from what I see actually about 3 or 4% in this country really believe in God. Or should I say are followers of Christ. The rest might give lip service but their hearts are far from him. The valley of dry bones was in scripture Isreal but look around you today all I can see are dead men walking.

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The bones in Ezekiel 37 are actually representing the future Israel. God gave promises to His chosen people that He will keep. This is a great illustration of what God is yet to do. He always keeps His promises :)

  • 2011-10-28T23:00:38

Amazing video, PRAISE GOD.

  • 2011-10-28T21:15:12

There's a great lesson to learn from this.God doesnot work with multitude.It's better to be alone with the Almighty God than trying to conform to pple's standard.We must get to the point where all we need is HIM&u'll realise everything is possible with HIM!

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How is this related to todays Israel in anyway! This is an example of the majestic power of the one GOD, the creater, of bringing dead to life. No body else can claim this power. The false gods certainly could not do it.

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Great video

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We see this literally happening before our very eyes in Israel today.

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This is Israel returning.

  • 2011-10-28T13:30:59

The "bones" are those around us; our friends, family and co-workers, without the Spirit. The "vast army" is the body of Christ, that we are apart of, when we live in the Spirit. Now watch the video again.

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Imagine Ezekiel, all alone amongst these dry bones. And God says prophesy to them. Was Ezekiel's answer, "You want me to do what?" And what if Ezekiel had thought that he was crazy, in the middle of nowhere talking to dry bones. What if Ezekiel thought that this was impossible, and crazy for what God was asking him to do. Thankfully Ezekiel did not answer God that way, nor did he even think it was crazy, or did he doubt God thinking it was impossible. Ezekiel obeyed without question, and through Ezekiel God preformed a miracle. All of us have to stop questioning God, missing the miracles in our lives. I have to start to do what God asks, even though it seems impossible. To follow God without question, and allow God to work through me. A very Godly pastor who had helped me through some very dark times, had fallen from a ladder and according to his doctor would for the rest of his life struggle to walk. God whispered in my ear to reach out and touch his back, and say to him only loud enough for him to hear, "Be healed in Jesus' Name!" Without questioning God, I did this very thing. And as I touched him and spoke those words, as he was stooped over, it was like he was shocked as he stood completely upright with no more pain. He said nothing about that to me, but glorified God that he was healed. Now I wish I could always say that I always listened to God, and never doubted or never argued with God about what God wanted me to do. I still struggle, saying to God, " You want me to do what?" May we all trust and listen to God as Ezekiel did, and not miss the miracles that are awaiting us... Stan Komarniski www.iamneo.org

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WOW, What a video thank God for your breath daily!

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that is right.

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