Christianity.com: Is street preaching a good way to evangelize in today's culture?-Jonathan Leeman



  • 2012-09-29T12:47:07

Preaching belongs to preachers, who have the guidance and power of God behind them because of the gift of evangelism imparted to them. Those without this gift really don't understand preaching except by the reasoning of their minds. The Word goes forth in power to those whom God has previously prepared to hear the what the Spirit has to say. Many gifts have been shed abroad to the church. A teacher, a prophet, a discerner of spirits, etc. should not feel guilted into spreading the gospel because Jesus said GO! Jesus knows whom he has equipped to go. Non evangelists have been equipped for the building up of the body and other such areas of service that will certainly have the testimony of the presence of God within them by their obedience to their own gifting. I am extremely impressed, humbled, and in awe of each gift as it works according to the purpose and power it has been assigned. I feel one of the biggest reasons for disagreement in the church today is due to leaders or over zealous Christians who have not been properly instructed to mind their own gift while glorifying God for the others.

  • 2011-12-15T18:42:39

If I may, may I offer a defense of effective street preaching? If the evangelist on the street is rude or appears distant, he is preaching under his own power, not under God's Power. There are, unfortunately, street evangelists who get a sense of satisfaction from being ignored and rejected---an unfortunate ego fulfillment, making emotional and physical separation very easy. But taking the Gospel to the streets under God's Guidance opens up the street missionary to emotional closeness and unfortunate pain through being ridiculed by many, but still being kind to people, close to them, and responsive to people's value to God, though he will speak against sin with frankness and boldness. God loves all people and does not want anyone to go to Hell for eternity, but rather be with Him for all eternity. However, He hates sin, Satan and his fallen angels, and what sin has done to creation and to the human race. The street preacher, under God's Guidance, will point out God's hatred for sin but His deep Love for the human race. That takes a lot of courage, a willingness to be vulnerable and close to people, and love for people that can only come from God, and not be a self-satisfying, self-centered ego-trip.

  • 2011-12-15T08:54:15

I believe that street preaching is better than doing nothing. Besides, if what the preacher is doing is promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ then he obeying the command of Jesus Christ. It is Christ who will judge our work anyway.

  • 2011-12-10T05:23:49

It also is safe. Real love is messy. It takes time and effort. It means accepting a person, and loving them even if they never convert. The street preacher keeps those he should love at a distance, and does not have to engage in any of these risks of the heart.

  • 2011-12-10T03:06:45

Jesus did not come to condemn because everyone is already condemned! Thats why He came to save. Zachaeus was a jew. He new the 10 commandments. He knew he needed the Messiah. Thats why he was in the tree. And when confronted with his sin, he was willing to repent immediately! He knew he was condemned. THATS the difference. People in America don't know they are already condemned! I do street evangelism. I stand with a sign that says FREE TEST - ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN. I stand silently until people stop. Then I ask the, If you died tonight and found yourself in front of God and He said, why should I let you in? What would you say? You know most of them say? Im a good person. I try to help people. I do more good than bad. Those are the responses. If I then tell them Jesus is the Savior, they say savior from WHAT? No, I have to share the 10 commandments with them and show them they are already condemned, THEN I can share the love of Christ with them. Jesus always did the will of HIs Father - He gave grace to the humble and resisted the proud. Those who sep to justify themselves and think themselves righteous because of good works got the law from Jesus, EVERY TIME. When someone came to Him broken and knowing they were in trouble, He gave them grace, EVERY TIME.

  • 2011-12-10T02:40:53

Every Christian should truly believe that every person you meet and see in the mall shopping, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, etc etc, every single one of them will suffer and be tortured in HELL for eternity if they do not repent and believe. Do you believe that? Would you watch a blind man stand in the street unaware that a semi-truck is bearing down on them and then very politely, without offending them, tell them the truck is coming? or would you yell and scream and do everything you could to get them out of the way of destruction? Most Christians must not really believe that every single person they see is going to burn in hell because if they believed it, they would warn people. Everyday I flat out DO NOT warn people, I will be the first to admit that I fail every day. But I do do street evangelism. I pass out tracks. I share the gospel. I'm trying. How many "christians" have friends and family members that if Christ came back tonight, those people could point at you and say "you never warned me! "?

  • 2011-12-10T02:33:43

I was thinking Jewish leaders. no not the Christian Church. no it did not exist yet. He got the Jewish leaders worked up. Sorry.

  • 2011-12-09T19:28:52

John 3:16 is the ....not a the sole scripture that determines your salvation,relationship with God....even the demons believe and shutter. It's a statement made....with a whole lot of other fruit that is good... believing is a step forward,but not your salvation.

  • 2011-12-09T19:08:32

Synagogues,temples,place of worship,....he's full-filling a prophecy here also. Also they gathered together is secrecy because of persecution for many years before churches also. I guess you can call Church a name for an establishment,building,title. Again let's take a look @ the question put before us... relativity toward evangelism. The Church was not built on a street corner,it had to do with the intimate relationship with God. Does not a Shepard look for that one lost sheep that is lost from the hundred, or does he call out...looks from a distance....gathers his staff and walks away.

  • 2011-12-09T08:47:07

Street evangelism should be centered on salvation but I hear some condemned unbelievers and make them scared retuning Christ. I remember Jesus was in zachus house and converted him in evangelism mission. Jesus did not come to condemned but to save. I met a friend that told me he felt he will never been forgiven the way some one preached to him. But thank God he is saved.

  • 2011-12-09T05:08:45

Christoph Koebel : Very good; you seem well informed about the situation in my country. But no, I don't mean "the mess we have in our churches was not yet created"; I was saying that during Jesus' time on earth, the Church did not exist yet. John Kranig was saying that Jesus got the leaders of the Church so worked up that they hung Him on a cross. But there was no Church until 40 days after He had gone back to the Father in heaven.

  • 2011-12-09T05:02:57

Read the book of Acts....we have a variety of approaches...just listening again inside/outside the church building...In the 1st Century there were no church buildings

  • 2011-12-09T04:59:32

Francis Tan you mean the mess we have in our churches was not yet created or was never intended..OK I know that kind of proclamation cannot take place in your country.

  • 2011-12-09T04:22:44

My brothers and sisters in Christ, it is not a easy thing to do in this society, street Evangelize, but, it must be done, and believe me, you be supprise of many people that will admired the Gospel from you, and some will rejected it from you. The must important things that we need to know, is that, we are serving a living God.Be in good courage Saints.

  • 2011-12-09T04:22:02

"Jesus got the leaders of the Church so worked up...."?!?!? huh?!? Hello, the Church was not formed yet.

  • 2011-12-09T04:01:17

I think street preaching is a dynamic way of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord has leaded me out to preach the Gospel on the street corners and even in some of the worst neighborhoods in Louisville, Ky. Yes, I ran across some problems where people said stuff and threw rocks, but I stood on the Word of God. He warned us that we will suffer persecution, whether it is on the streets corners or in the House of God. Nevertheless, the people out there are receiving the Gospel, yokes are being destroyed, and people are being saved, healed, and delivered. I'm just an instrument of God, but it's the Word of God that does the work. Luke 14:23-And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel [them] to come in, that my house may be filled.

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