The qur'an is for Arabs, but the Bible is for Everyone!.



  • 2012-11-29T03:12:26

You said that the qur'an is written in Arabs and 85% of them cant under stand right..... do you know that the bible was written in hebrew( that hardly nobody knows. You tell me how many people know hebrew before you can tell me how many people knows the word of the qu'an) into greek than roman and so on before it was written in english and though out, the bible have change. You know there are so many different religions reading their version of the bible and also christians there self was going to war with each other and leaveing parts out the bible. If you don't know you should go to JERUSALEM( where they have the Original books) and look up on your history that if you can read Hebrew..Why do you think so many people is truning to the Qur'an and its not a easy task (if you love god its no sweat).But for some reason Christian always have to change( like: different music, shows, entertainment) to keep people (christian), which in the muslim world nothing change they don't need to convert people by entertainment... and they are the fastest growing religion in the world..... When God inspire people to write his words, every word counts so if people of the same religion(Christian) fighting and having a debet over words they want to put out or put back in........ unlike the Qur'an it remian the same no word added or taken out.......the words is translated so you can understand but is still the same. And when you become a muslim or before you become one they will teach you Islamic, so you can learn and read the original books..... god don't want use to be lazy, he did give use knowlege so we have to take advantage. If you a christian learn to read you original book in Hebrew...... and you need to do some more studying because there 72% of real Muslim knows islamic and the rest hopfully is learning they have so manny schools that will tech islamic.... So don't tell a story to get people on your side you will never win by doing that....... thank you for reading my message hopefully we can learn form each other. sorry my typying is horrable.....lol...

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