2 Sisters Dying of Cystic Fibrosis Were Told They Would Never Sing...But God Gave Them a Miracle!



  • 2013-06-02T12:58:26

These 2 sisters have a positive & inspirational spirit about them selves even though they know they have limited time left on earth. They Don't seem to let that from Stopping them achieving their Dreams, as the song goes IT'S not About How Fast U Get Their/ The Battle or What's on the Other Side.. It's About the CLIMB & How U Get Their.. These Girls are a True Inspiration & may GOD Bless these 2 Girls. PS: Theirs an Aussie Country Band Called the WOLVERINE'S & They sing a Song Called (Sixty Five Roses) = its about Cystic Fibrosis a very Touching & moving song it is.

  • 2013-04-10T13:34:01

Hello Debra ..we have a couple of things in common. :)) We both are Christians for one thing. Friend me at FB and send me an email. Remind me where I `spoke` to you.

  • 2013-04-10T13:28:55

I have information that may be of help to you. Send me an email at Facebook and we`ll talk

  • 2013-04-10T13:26:06

I may be able to be of help to Christina and Ali. Join me on Facebook and send me an email. God bless both of you...and all your family. I loved your singing.

  • 2013-03-26T00:33:02


  • 2013-03-25T01:14:23

thank the Lord Jesus for having chosen you to be a blessing to many people.

  • 2013-03-24T23:58:11

I have a brother and a sister born with Cf. My sister was one of the oldest living adults with it and passed away at 51. My brother just turned 48 today. God has been good.They both sang and were very talented. Man sets limits...God has none!

  • 2013-03-20T22:57:10

Now I'm crying!

  • 2013-03-20T19:22:21

What a blessing to hear! Beautiful!

  • 2013-03-18T23:04:45

This presentation. Is. Just amazing, their sincerity is emplified. Good they won a trip!,

  • 2013-03-14T13:29:36

I would love to change the title of this video to '2 Sisters LIVING with Cystic Fibrosis.....' They are a beautiful example of 2 overcomers living life, sharing and blessing others with the gifts God has given them.

  • 2013-03-13T00:37:50

WOW I was brought to tears to see how much you love to sing and you are not letting other's say that with your disease you can't. YOU CAN. I'M SO PROUD OF THE TWO OF YOU! ALL THE VERY BEST IN LAS VEGAS! God bless you both abundantly and may each day of your precious lives be filled with Love, joy, excitement and may all your dreams come true.

  • 2013-03-07T15:26:31

You girls are amazing, keep it up , your singing brings tears to my eyes, I have a granddaughter who also has cysticfibrosi, and she is 11and is doing remarkable well, she is inspiration to all of us , she play soccer, and loves to be outdoors, I think she learned. To run before walking, I just hope and pray that she will be with us for a long longtime. Along with your family. God be with you always.

  • 2013-03-07T13:32:39

Glory to God! May God Bless theses Girls.

  • 2013-03-07T01:30:20

Well, there is or has been a solution to cystic fibrosis.Another young lady stated on her page that a treatment called vertexx or otherwise is in the works.You two should be saved without an operation.

  • 2013-03-07T01:05:40


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