The Truth About Islam



  • 2014-07-13T17:19:36

sWhere are the sources to back up your attack on another face. The idea of Allah being a moon god has been refute six years ago.

  • 2014-07-06T21:31:24

This video comprised very short and sorry to say manipulated glimpses of Islamic version of Prophet Jesus (AH). We muslims believe in all the prophets and holy books sent by Allah Almighty for the guidance of humanity. Muhammad (SAW) was the seal of prophets and Quran the final and most perfect book of Allah which will not be corrupted my imperfect human interventions like what has already happened to all the books of Allah. This book has no different versions and is to remain guidance for whole of the humanity till the end of this world as Allah Almighty has entrusted Himself for its safe guarding till the end of times. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Quran teaches us to make no difference amongst the prophets and it also reveals the truth that all the prophets and books prophesized the coming of the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It also clearly reveals that the jews planned to kill Jesus (AH) but were actually not successful in their campaign because Allah lifted him alive and will send him back near the ends of times. Prophet jesus (AH) helped the humanity first time by bringing forth the true teachings of Prophet Moses (AH) and will descend back second time to bring forth the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and He will (IA) rule the entire world as a Muslim King as He was a true muslim before and will be the same again and it is obligatory upon us muslims to obey him in letter and spirit as he is not going to teach anything other than what Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has already taught the humanity. Prophet Jesus (AH) will then die a normal human death and will be buried like all other prophets. Quran also states clearly that prophets Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and all other prophets (AH) along with their true followers were Muslims but people with malafied intentions in their hearts have chosen the names as christians and jews and others which Allah or His prophets never ever prophesized. Islam never believes in forced conversions. Even Allah Almighty in Quran says that those who just follow my revelations forcefully even upon themselves are worse than animals. Almost 80 percent of Quran emphasizes upon faith in the one and only God ALLAH and rest of the religious obligations are around 20 percent of its teachings. May ALLAH help humanity absosrb the true teachings of Islam and a simple way is to read the Quran and its simple mmeanings without the interventions of human thoughts and manipulations. Nothing mentioned in the Holy Quran will go obsolete or be proven false by any group of religious, scietific, theological, philosophical or historical or any other community till the end of this temporal world. This is Allah's challange to entire humanity. Any thing proven wrong then you can take whole Quran as false. May Allah bless whole humaity with His divine guidance and have mercy on those who are trying to prevent or pervert common people from the revealed truth by Allah. (Aamin)

  • 2011-10-22T13:04:38

Islam has no Savior. Religion without the true Savior on one's own side brings only condemnation.

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