Flaws of Biblical Proportions - Finding the Perfect Small Group Leader



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God is more concerned about your availability, not your capability. The Holy Spirit will provide the capability!

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Amazing Video from Church Today!

  • 2012-11-26T23:01:48

Arley W Steinhour; I just watched this and of course went straight to the comments. I actually understood were you where coming from. At first glance it does seem a mockery to those that God chose vs what we "men" would choose. I think that was the message...We imperfect humans chose a person who seemed perfect yet God chose flawed men. I think the point was we shouldn't be like the 3 on the couch and think if you are not or have not done something wrong you are the "right" choice. So looking at it like that, then we can see God will choose the proper person to lead and we imperfect humans are wrong for how we choose. At least it is how I saw it after reading your comments. I don't think you need to lighten up and we should treat our elders with more respect but I do think at first glance the message was not clear at all. Have a good day sir and thanks for helping me reevaluate the real message in the video. God will choose the person to lead not us imperfect humans!

  • 2012-11-05T23:18:05

My apology, but this old war horse, I guess, has seen too many people die, and far too many put down, because they were worth emulation, just like, IMO, the presentation is doing. Who are the children going to use as a leader, David, the coward/back-shooter, Sampson, the 'Buh Buh', muscle-nut??? I could, but wont go on.... The people God used, are my hero's, and I only need look in the mirror to find the rock, Jesus turned into a 'Worthy,' through His blood, and Agape Love. I guess, we, oldsters, from the Depression years, see things a bit differently than most. I've always called my generation, the "Last of the Dinosaurs," perhaps rightly. Ha. I didn't 'miss' the point, folks, I resented the bodies left behind to make a point. Keep the Watch, Redemption draws nigh.

  • 2012-11-05T23:05:41

No offense intended Mr. Arley. I just think some things like this video are purposefully exaggerated to be humorous to the not so sensitive types of people who themselves feel unworthy to be used as a small group leader. This has been a very successful video in that more people are having them. Our church has grown leaps and bounds with great small group leaders leading amazing groups. Encouragement comes in lots of packages. I'm still loving this package. Blessings to you.

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"Rock to the """Back""" of the head"??? Comments that make the Leaders of Judeo-Christianity look like idot-fools?? You go ahead ... I love humor, but I don't denigrate. I saw the simplicity of the selection of those without skill being worthy of selection, b u t. Oh Well, see as you see, I'll see as I see. and we can laugh about it once we are Home.

  • 2012-11-05T15:45:26

Arley you missed the point ENTIRELY! It's not attacking God's choices of leaders, it's saying anyone who loves God can lead and help people to find Him...imperfections and all. It's what we are made to do! Lighten up! This was a great video!

  • 2012-10-29T21:43:39

so cute!

  • 2012-10-29T02:25:17

He is hilarious.

  • 2012-10-27T03:25:22

LOL... love it.

  • 2012-10-27T03:05:46

Hey, look at this it will show you how to chosse small group leaders.

  • 2012-10-27T01:40:59

Must use this in church soon when we ask people to consider belonging to a small group or leading one. God WILL use imperfect people.

  • 2012-10-26T20:10:21

O come on, all in good humor here! Laughing is good for you. :-) To be truly effective..... we gotta lighten up. I don't think Jesus was so serious ALL the time. Children wanted to be around Him. Kids don't hang with sour graped people. This isn't a documentary.....

  • 2012-10-26T08:10:26

Not hilarious, LAME!

  • 2012-10-25T20:02:21

I find it interesting that all the 'unacceptable' candidates, were used by God, to lead, and do works, to His Glory, and the only one acceptable, by man, is a man who hasn't done a thing. It seems that the judges has not read the 'story,' and don't know the story, or they would not be putting down God's 'Chosen,' and looking for 'man's chosen.' What I see here is mankind deciding that God made bad mistakes, and man feels he can take someone with no experience, as did God, and make a 'leader,' more successful than did God. This video attacks God's chosen, much the same way as that stupid anti-muslim video attacks the muslim prophet, and supposed choice of him by their god. The disparity between to two attacks, are minimal. For-Shame. Bad video.

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