Carrie Underwood and Her Husband Talk About Their Faith in Jesus



  • 2015-05-11T10:05:15

That's ultimately up for God to decide, since he sees the heart, rather than what man sees.

  • 2014-03-11T22:47:06

The one thing I have with her ( Carrie Underwood ) is that she is for gay marriage.

  • 2014-03-04T22:11:53

Leslie Diane Long I was given that book to read by a neighbor, so read it while walking the beach each day...never got much from it..get a lot more just from reading the bible, not someone's interpretation of their life in the bible. It's our lives, not someone elses. Thanks for the heads up.

  • 2013-11-03T17:51:48

John Irons God has already judged homosexuality and Carrie Underwood needs to judge herself, how sad that she defiles herself by supporting gay people and calling it christian.....while she causes people to be decieved and fall into hell cause she is setting an example whether she is right or wrong.......

  • 2013-11-03T17:49:05

Ann Hardy Aschauer If Carrie was so Christ like then why does she support gays and samesex marriage............WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • 2013-11-03T17:46:22

How sad that she has come out in support of same sex marriage,........Nashville is scrambling to find ways to get rid of her and disassociate themselves with her..........Be careful what you think is great, good and glamourous, they are all for the opposition if it keeps money in their bankaccount. She is not who she says she is......

  • 2013-05-18T19:40:28

Is it sad that I've turned predicting negative comments into a game on GodTube? Should Christians really be posting such discouraging content online? Think about whether or not what you're posting will benefit anyone or glorify God in any way. Carrie, Mike, and Oprah are not going to read your comments here. If you have a problem with them, perhaps you should write them a letter and/or pray for them, not degrade them to friends and strangers.

  • 2013-05-07T22:34:09

I love them!! What a neat thing for Oprah to ask and let them talk about!!! <3

  • 2013-05-07T22:06:50

I love this. I want a mate like that. God I am praying that I meet someone like him who loves christ with his whole heart like me thank you jesus.

  • 2013-04-10T03:38:59

She called herself a Christian...but she is supporting gay marriage.

  • 2013-04-08T00:40:15

Thank you for sharing your deep faith in the Lord! Marriages have a better chance in making it when He's in the center of it!

  • 2013-04-06T15:43:20

I see there have been 66,344 views on this video. And I can see why there have not been that many comments. If it had said "Carrie Underwood interviewed by Oprah" I never would have viewed it. Carrie and her husband DO NOT "talk about their faith in Jesus". And Oprah is sure not a person I would quote. Don't knock me down yet - I love Carrie. I love all her music. There's a reason everything she sings turns to gold - her faith in Jesus. That has been long-standing knowledge about her. You just can't represent yourself or your faith on an Oprah show without disagreeing with her. And I don't think that is something you can do on her show. It's not Carrie or her husband I question - it's GodTube. The title is truly misleading. And it seems that GodTube does a lot of that. Having a name of "GodTube" to me means there is talk of God or Jesus. GodTube is slowly going down the tubes. Not Carrie. And there is nothing wrong with the way Carrie is dressed. Shame on you. God looks at your heart, not what you wear. She isn't showing anything. And Oprah showed up like that because she knows Carrie is a Christian. Everyone knows Carrie is a Christian. God sure does. He has certainly blessed her.

  • 2013-04-05T19:15:49

Is so glad that GOD us from the inside out not from outside in.

  • 2013-04-04T21:39:13


  • 2013-04-02T15:07:48

I 've read the Purpose Driven Life & see it as a real inspiration , I was recently able to teach on the 34th days, Thinking Like a Servant. It was fulfilling and the thought provoking discussion that followed filled more than the time we had, I see this couple emulating servants hearts to many.

  • 2013-04-02T09:57:45

Glad you know how to spell that last name UNCLE David. This is a great video. My prayers are with this fine young couple as they try to represent Christ in a way that few have the opportunity to do.

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