An Incredible Wedding Surprise That Left The Bride in Tears of Joy!



  • 2013-07-15T07:40:19

Lantana, you're sick. Do you think you are good now becuase of that sick freedom of expressions? Sick!

  • 2013-07-08T18:04:16

WOW! I will pray that God fill you with His love so you will see from a different pair of glasses.

  • 2013-04-11T02:02:17

Weddings have so much more feeling then when we got married don't get me wrong I have been married to my husband for over 50 years, I just think there is so much joy put into a wedding thanks for sharing this with us.

  • 2013-03-16T03:01:23

so beautiful....

  • 2013-03-14T19:14:19

really? what's 'nasty' about it and what's 'cruel' about it? Tell me exactly, cuz I'd like to know... But I think it's nasty to post something on 'Godtube', that's really nothing to do w/ 'God' and inspiration... it's deCEPTIVE. I was waiting for something inspirational. All I got was somebody glorifying they're 'creativity' and 'picture perfect' wedding. So yeah - I said it was beautiful, but just that it rather belongs on Youtube, imo. So what? Watching things like this, for me personally, is wasted precious time - nothing 'inspirational' about it to me.... So don't trick ANYONE into watching something - cuz that's deceptive, which is quite ungodly dontcha know? And btw, listen to yourself - you hate freedom of speech? You want my comment deleted? Now THAT's nasty, to me - what kind of a controlling, toxic woman are you?

  • 2013-03-14T19:05:53

That was great. Thanks!

  • 2013-03-13T00:51:52

Yes I agree Lesile what a cruel thing to say!! That comment definitely needs to be on YouTube not God Tube. I think some people need to keep there comments to themselves. I hope whoever posted this video will delete that nasty comment. That darn freedom of speech rule. I hate that rule

  • 2013-03-02T00:51:34

That just reality, sister, just reality...

  • 2013-03-01T14:18:42

Wow thats the type of comment that belongs on negative! :(

  • 2013-03-01T06:59:41

Även om idén är snodd så är det oerhört romantiskt. Gillar!

  • 2013-03-01T01:19:56

Love the musical surprise!

  • 2013-02-28T21:43:52

well that was 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back. That was novel and beautiful in a way, but the draw-in to watch it on GodTube was sort of deceptive. This is more 'YouTube'. By the way, love isn't all you need - you need money too. So good luck w/ that, Jack. She'll dump you in a minute if you go broke.

  • 2013-02-28T21:32:29

Surprises are the absolute best! This is a good one. Very sweet.

  • 2013-02-28T21:02:50

Beautiful. I surprised my husband with a lone piper playing Amazing Grace..... Love surprises.

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