What is the significance of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden?-Byron Yawn



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God didn't make man without the ability to choose. The father of lies being the deceiver he is was there that day in the garden. As a result of Eve's choice, the perfect became imperfect. All of creation suffered because of her choice. The unspeakable happens in our world today because of creation's imprefection. We were born in sin because of the fall but thanks be to God, our Father who had a plan of redemption already in place even BEFORE the fall of man. He knew the choice Eve would make and already had the remedy for her choice--His Son, Jesus would willingly give aHis life for the sins of all mankind once for ALL! Hallelujah! What a Savior!

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I agree with you, I think it would be a perfect life in a perfect Garden. But I don't think anybody would have an answer to why God allowed something imperfect in a perfect world. It's like asking why God allowed women and children to be killed. To make it more complicated he delgated it to Joshua. He told him to go and leave not a single breathing creature in the house, not a donkey, child or woman. God has a right to give life and to take it. Is it fair? Probably not, according to our standards :-) But remember the Bible say, trust your Lord and do not question Him. I don't want to say that we don't have the right to ask, but would we get the answer? Do you think we would be happy with that answer? Oh, by the way, do you happen to know where did the dinasaures came into play? I don't remember them being mentioned living in Eden :-)

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In order to understand the Scriptures you first must understand how you are created(made) Romans 8:20"For the creature was "made" subject to vanity"(meaning it would fail. Why? it was of a carnal mind, which mind is at enmity with God, it can not agree with God neither will it.)" Not willingly but by reason of He Who has subjected the same in hope." God created a Savior before He created man, He also created 'the evil one' Isa. 45:7, sounds like He had a plan, does it not? Isa. 46:9-10 "I am God, and there is none like me." "Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure." For those not understand of the Scriptures, 'the ancient times' refer to the time before the creation, a time when the only thing that existed was GOD. So what God is saying is, even before I did one thing, every thing that has happened has been by design, My design, My plan, My purpose, and MY WILL. The first thing you have to let go of is the idea that man has a free will, you have freedom of choice, and it is God Who provides those choices, right or wrong, and being carnal you will choose wrong 99.9% of the time. Another thing is the God ALLOWS certain things mentality and syndrome. God CREATES, God DESTROYS, God HEALS, God KILLS, God CAUSES, God BRINGS ABOUT, God SAVES. God does not "allow" things that He has not foreordained to be! This popular doctrine among the religions of the world is utter non scriptural foolishness. The teaching suggests that man does things that God had no previous knowledge of, does not approve of, wishes would have never happened, but nonetheless , He "allows" them. Certainly He "allows" them in that He does not "disallow" them, but this still begs the question as to their true origin. God is the creator, not Satan.When the attack at Pearl Harbor happened God was there, watching, when the slaughter was going on at the camps in Poland and Germany, He was there watching, when the two planes brought down the twin towers, He was there watching. If you think that this makes no sense, remember His thinking is above your thinking, as high above as "the havens are above the earth". He has a plan, if you think it is not so go back to Romans chapter 8 starting at verse 18 and read through to the end of the chapter verse 27. God tells us if we would follow His Son we must suffer as Christ did, according to the teachings, in the days preceding his Christ's suffering was more then any other man had endured, We also must suffer these "slings and arrows" in the Scriptures I gave in Romans we are told in verse 18 we are promised that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. We are also promised that although we were made subject to vanity, we are also made subject to hope, because the creature( that is us, all of mankind, every one). will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.Who are the children of God? Your preacher man will tell you that from what was taught by another man at the bible collage, the children of God are the ones who are saved here on earth, the only thing wrong here is there is no chapter or verse to point this out to you, on the other hand the scriptures tell us that "he who endures to the end, will be saved" in other words, what the preachers call "the other side". you can not be saved until after the judgment. There are Scriptures to support this but the preachers will not use them, because to do so would reveal the truth, that there is no such place as the churches idea of hell! It is bunk, it is used to scare people into the church, it does not exist. In the book of Jeremiah 7:39-31God was speaking of a religious group who built an alter to sacrifice their children through the fire and He said it was a ritual that was an abomination that He neither commanded nor had it entered His into His mind to do such a thing. Now we must ask our self if this act of burning the children of Judah in the fire such an abomination to God why would He turn around and do it to His own children? But getting back to the question at hand, man did not fall in the garden, he followed, he followed the path which God had laid out for him. Just as man has been doing through out creation and until God calls ALL OF HIS CHILDREN home. Romans 11:36"For OF Him and THROUGH Him, and TO Him, are ALL THINGS: to Whom be glory for ever. AMEN

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The story of the Fall in the Garden is to point out to those that read it that: Each individual is in a rebellion state before God, and there is nothing He does not know about each individual!

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I much rather would have loved a life forever in the Garden of Eden with God, Jesus, & the angels , or Heaven --living, loving His creations, & himself with no devil to ruin our lives continually as he does on earth today. ++++Down here now-- resisting the devil just brings more pressure, problems, & temptations from the devil at an increasing rate.

  • 2012-09-06T10:48:40

Dan Berry, God decided to create all things which exist. He could have made a universe where there was no possibility of opposing His will. What would be the point of a robotic creation? Scripture tells us that Satan was beautiful when God created him. He was created with the potential for rebellion, but God did not make him choose to rebel.That was satans decision. In the same way, Adam had the potential to choose wrongly. However, God warned him, and told him NOT to eat the forbidden fruit. God can see a universe where Adam obeyed and did not rebel. He also saw the consequences, of the fall, and knew how to rescue us. Jesus Christ is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth. Satan sinned willfully. Adam & Eve were deceived into sinning. What EXACTLY was the point, you ask, & someone once said, that God is working all things out in the universe, for the fastest & most effective elimination of evil, from His creation.

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Of course God knew all the above would happen. But before it did we are told that He chose Christ before the foundation of the world to provide redemption for all fallen humanity who believe in Christ. In Eph. 3:9-11 Paul wrote ' and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery, which for ages past was kept hidden in God, Who created all things. His intent was that through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms according to His eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.' In it all God has an eternal purpose and that purpose is good. God's will is that not any should perish. The implication being that if a person's will is not in union with God's will through Christ. They will perish. This of course introduces the top of 'free will'. God did not force angels or Adam and Eve to sin. They did so of their own volition. Don't wrestle with these questions in a philosophical manner, rather, if you are a Christian, Realize (a) That we see through a glass darkly just now; (b) know that the Judge of all the earth can only do what is right; (c) Like the ancients and all other believers, by faith we understand (though we may not understand the process) that God knows what He is doing. For some years I tried to understand the things of God, until I realized He did not want me to understand, He just wanted me to believe Him. I have enjoyed a fruitful fulfilling Christian life since then.

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That's a partial answer--but no one has REALLY addressed why he created the devil--knowing he would rebel plus other questions not snswered--but thanks for your answer--we need dialogue & different ideas. lol

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God created all this making it perfect and great and gave us a free will. The imperfections are coming from us. Whatever God created it was perfect, as Genesis says. We are the ones that knowing what is wright and what is wrong still choosing wrong. Because we have a free will, because we can make a choice. And by making that choice we have a power to make it perfect or imperfect.

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God created all this making it perfect and great and gave us a free will. The imperfections are coming from us. Whatever God created it was perfect, as Genesis says. We are the ones that knowing what is wright and what is wrong still choosing wrong. Because we have a free will, because we can make a choice. And by making that choice we have a power to make it perfect or imperfect.

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giggle tee led... but i have ofen wonder myself..

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good question... keep me posted on the answer...

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Didn't listen to it-but already had questions. When God created Adam & Eve--did he not already know they were going to be tempted by satan and would do wrong? Why would God create/allow satan in Heaven --when he knew he would turn against him? Why did he allow satan to tempt Adam & Eve--knowing they would succumb? Was this whole thing fore planned by God--creating the angels--knowing satan & others would turn against him--then creating the earth, then Adam & Eve--allowing the devil to tempt them--knowing they would succumb--then cursing the earth--then sending Jesus to suffer on a cross to redeem us? And why did he allow satan to have the "keys" to the earth, after Adam & Eve sinned? What EXACTLY was the point/ Was it a big chess game for God? Yes, I am a Christian--and YES I should be allowed to ask these questions. Questions are not blasphemy. Thanks for listening. Would like different scholars to comment please. hemidart@nb.sympatico for personal messages.

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What went wrong in this planet?

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I am really amazed at the stupidity of these so called "men of God" who are spreading for gospel the teaching of men. Now I am sure that this miss-led human paid a large sum of money. to go to a bible school run by men as worldly as himself. You have to ask yourself how many men did Jesus tell to go out and enroll in a bible school, and what happened to the only man-educated person(Saul/Paul) who Christ called out, if you don't know the answer to these and other related questions, I suggest you study the Scriptures. The church today is making our Father look like some bumbling fool who can not control his own creation, instead of the one who is in complete control.God said in Isaiah 46:10 "Declaring the end FROM the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My council shall stand, and I WILL DO ALL MY PLEASURE."Sounds like God has a firm grip on the situation. Does it not? Romans 8:20 "For the creature(That's us) was made subject to vanity(not perfect, but prone to commit error), not willingly(not mans idea, but God's), but by reason of Him(God)Who has subjected the same in HOPE." God is still in complete control. He knew, by his own admission that man would fail, in fact He was so sure of it that he commissioned a Savior before He created Man or his accuser(Satan). Christians have to get away from this,"God allows" idea. Man had no more chance to NOT sin then Christ had to sin. Both are controlled by God and can do nothing but what He bids them do. So the next time you want to place the blame of worldly conditions on God, remember "and I WILL DO ALL MY OWN PLEASURE". There was no such thing as "The fall of man in the garden of Eden." There was only man doing God's bidding.

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