INCREDIBLE STORY! Former White Supremacist Skin Head Gives Life to Jesus



  • 2012-07-08T19:10:35

GOD BLESS U AND ill bbe praning for all u joe.

  • 2012-06-20T01:08:53

May you add subtitles in Spanish... I would like share it with "hispanos" believers... THANK YOU!

  • 2012-06-20T00:48:40

wow, what GREAT GRACE our God has for those who will receive his Son as Savior.

  • 2012-06-18T14:32:55

Good for you Bryon! And when you received the Lord as your savior he placed a veil of protection around you so you have no reason to fear the gangs....you are a saved child of God! My best wishes to you and your family...that is quite a woman you married~~~~God Bless you and your family.

  • 2012-06-18T01:44:33

Thanks be to our awesome God and LORD Jesus Christ! Thank you for sharing your miracle so freely with us. It is really amazing to hear stories like yours and your family to remind us that the power of Jesus is still here and is not changing. No one is too far gone for Jesus, it just takes an open heart. May you be blessed. I will pray for your family!

  • 2012-06-16T21:15:46


  • 2012-06-15T16:34:48

Amazing story! Amazing testimony. May you touch more lives! God Bless!

  • 2012-06-15T10:32:25

Fantastic testimony Bryan, my husband has had alot of trouble also in his life with violence. prison etc, and struggles with people loving him and getting close to him, he hasn't come to christ yet, even though I pray everday that God will touch him, he feels he is too worthless for God to love him, your story gives so much faith, God never gives up, Thank you for your testimony, it made me cry, very inspring...

  • 2012-06-15T00:53:07

Suggest the video be changed to a lower resolution. It constantly needed buffered and I have high speed dsl. Either way, the best I've seen in many years. What a Mighty God we serve!

  • 2012-06-14T19:36:52

When Jesus walked the earth performing miracles, those who witnessed it still doubted because they just didn't believe who He really was and the power He possessed. So today, doubters still don't believe who He is or the power He possess to actually change the nature of the truly converted. But I am an individual who has actually experienced the "Miracle of Changed Nature!" And this man has been changed also. Otherwise, it would make no sense for him to tell his story.

  • 2012-06-14T18:17:49

@openid: Once again, PLEASE STOP GUESSING! How can you even guess what truly caused his change? Are you the one who changed him? Are you the Holy Spirit? Please stop making comments you're not the least bit sure about. & once again, I'm seeing some serious race issues here. Not with Bryon Widner, but with you! I think you need to be set free from any hurt that past hate crimes & racist incidents may have put in your heart. Much luv...

  • 2012-06-14T18:03:24

@ openid: sorry, but I don't think its Bryon Widner that has race issues. I think its YOU. First, you're NOT in Bryon Widner's head, so give the guy a break & stop 'guessing' what he thinks about Yahshua. Second, I think you need to free yourself from any hurt that past hate crimes & racist incidents may have put in your heart. Much luv to you.

  • 2012-06-14T17:51:03

@openid: I completely disagree! Once he's given his heart to Jesus, then he's just as saved as you & me, even IF he still has hate issues!! ALL of us (including you), though saved, still have pre-salvation issues we're still overcoming, by God's grace. Its called 'renewing your mind' (Romans 12:2), & we're ALL still in that process.

  • 2012-06-14T16:28:13

What a powerful testimony of how God can take the Hardest Heart of Stone, and make it Soft and pliable in the Masters hands, and turn it into a show of His handiwork! God alone can change anyone, from the broken, to the mended! God Bless this man and woman and children, and may the Hand of God place them in the Secret Place of the Most High God, so they will abide under the shadow of the Almighty God, forever protected and shielded in His Awesome and Powerful Love, Mercy, Grace.

  • 2012-06-14T09:10:37

God bless you Bryon. It is so faith building to hear your story. May you and your family be protected from detection and from being pursued by people who know no better. God bless you and take care. See you when we meet in glory, if not before. Praise the name of Jesus! You are getting posts from all over the world as our friend 'Joan Kokkino' and I, both live in Crete. May God receive the glory! Don't give up! Keep your eyes firmly on Jesus always! :)

  • 2012-06-14T08:46:57

bics... some habits and mindsets are tough to get passed and take time to grow out of..but i guarantee you has already has and it was one of the first things he wanted to do...this is a natural thing for truly born again converted people. the power of God to transform is amazing!

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