Tim Hawkins on National Anthems



  • 2014-01-03T22:11:31

I don't understand every think, but what I do I like it very much.

  • 2013-11-16T01:32:58

If people would put half as much energy into loving God with all there heart , soul, and mind and loving there brothers and sisters as they do attacking comedians for there jokes, we would be ok. Im a U.S. Naval veteran and 100 disabled so I know what it means to give something up for my country, but my God is more important than my country and he says that love is the #1 thing to work at. I hate to be the one to tell you this but The Bible says that Jesus will bring all nations under his control. No more USA. We will still have 1 Nation under God. Wow the whole world will be 1 nation under God. We will finally have that for all people and they will know the true God of all things. Amen.

  • 2013-10-22T02:08:44

QUESTION: ... Why would you even use worldly people in your comedy if you're suposed to be a "'christian"....some was funny until I saw the L. Zeplin "so called" worship sample, seems as though that would mock God & hurt Him......because the bible says have no fellowship with darkness,....live in the LIGHT asHe is in the light??????????????

  • 2013-07-14T12:00:21

@ Melody, your comment is spot on!

  • 2013-01-01T05:58:50

You gotta be kidding...that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2012-12-16T22:37:09


  • 2012-12-07T21:34:19


  • 2012-12-07T14:34:11

Mark Lowery? Really? I'd make jokes about him coming out of the closet, but that's not what we should do. Tim is an amazing comedian, and if you stop watching just these clips, and see one of his full DVD's or a live show, you will see that he presents Christ in every show, and while most things are slapstick funny, and some do not follow it, he does bring Christ into his performance, and from what I gather, lives a life following Christ. He used the National Anthem, big deal. What have you done to deserve a Medal lately?

  • 2012-12-02T02:48:31

I like to laugh, too. But not all people think the same things are funny. I looked at several other videos just to get a bigger picture of what Tim's humor is like. (Never heard of him before) Personally, I am not a big fan of that type of "humor." To me, it borders on laughs at the expense of others. Laughing at oneself is necessary! But I personally don't appreciate using others (who have not consented to be used) as objects of jokes. I didn't find any of his material funny at all. If you did - fine, but don't fault those of us who don't. As far as the National Anthem video goes, I wonder if those who were at Ft. McHenry when it was written, would share the opinion that this video is funny. And, I'm not sure that God (who does love humor too) would be laughing at some of Tim's (and other's) "religious" jokes. I am not judging Tim's heart, but I don't share his sense of humor.

  • 2012-12-02T02:38:28

oh man...

  • 2012-11-30T16:19:35

Clearly he says each person's name he's imitating and does so in their voice....it's funny. If he picked another song it would still be the person he was making fun and in their voice and still be just as funny. It has nothing to do with the song....this song is easy for people to relate to and gives you a visual image of a person standing before a huge crowd singing in the voice/character/personality they have. In no part of the video does he put down our anthem nor speak ill of America. Who has the best christian comedy going is not even the debate and that too is a matter of opinion. Everyone God created is unique and special in their own ways...we are taught this from birth and each person has special talents and some are better than others but if you get to laugh in the middle of your day you should just laugh. Criticizing someone and advising what they do is wrong and is not our position or purpose on this earth. We should worry about what we're doing to glorify God and pray for everyone else. Judgmental ways are a huge part of why we as christians today are finding it out harder and harder to lead people to Christ. Life on earth is taken so seriously and so many negative feelings wasted throughout the years...the excuse people make when I invite them to church is we christians are too boring and have no personalities and they feel criticized. I'm choosing to see the humor in things. For the rest I will pray......clearly God wants us to laugh.....

  • 2012-11-30T15:16:39

I am not legalistic at all. I just don't think he should make fun of the National Athem which is what he he doing straight out. He does not have the best christian comedy going. He is not funny at all. Mark Lawry has the best christian comedy of any one.

  • 2012-11-30T07:57:42

Same here!

  • 2012-11-30T04:08:47

Since God created ther duck bill platypus you know He has to have a sense of humor.

  • 2012-11-29T21:24:58

@ Melody - looks like you're judging to me.

  • 2012-11-29T21:16:43

What's more disturbing to me is how many awful singers have been REQUESTED to sing it in public and completely ruined it! Rosanne Barr and Stephen Tyler come to mind. Ugh!

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