2 Talented Boys Sing God Gave Me You. It Gave Us Chills.



  • 2014-04-22T02:20:18

Wow!!! This just literally blew me away! Thank-you for sharing your talents! I was blessed to listen and see you both tonight via facebook!

  • 2014-02-07T19:43:00

Keep it up guys. You are lucky that you are blessed with an amazing voice

  • 2014-01-30T05:28:09

You guys are awesome and so talented. Please keep on singing even if nothing is happening you just don't know what God has in stored for both of you. Blessings!

  • 2014-01-30T04:28:57

enjoyed very much ..thanks ...GODS BLESSINGS

  • 2014-01-29T19:49:58

You boys are so amazing and its a blessing what you boys are doing keep the singing up you boys are great God Bless the both of you!!

  • 2014-01-29T16:49:08


  • 2014-01-29T15:51:37

........ Wow.....

  • 2014-01-29T15:01:22

Wow these boys are amazing, they have a god given talent! that touched my soul and I cried from the true beauty of their gift! Thank you Boys please keep singing and sharing your precious gift!

  • 2014-01-29T11:26:53

Simply Awesome.... I can just stop watching u guys....

  • 2014-01-29T09:34:02

Fantastic, these boys are going to go far <3

  • 2014-01-29T09:33:51

Add a comment...cla[p clap clap.... bravo idol....:::))))

  • 2014-01-29T09:31:19

God Bless you both

  • 2014-01-29T08:08:55

They are fantastic! However they are cousins not brothers please correct your description.

  • 2014-01-28T20:12:07

How beautiful and how sweet to hear a song through his chosen, anointed vessels.

  • 2014-01-26T08:05:18

you guys don't forget us when you hit it big

  • 2014-01-25T16:49:34

Very good, God bless both of you, and your family...

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