Guide Dog Makes a Joyful Noise at Church!



  • 2015-06-02T18:34:06

Although it's really sweet, I also think the dog looks like it's in pain. Lol

  • 2014-07-20T18:54:49

I Loved It !!

  • 2013-07-09T17:15:47

A gentle leader is that...gentle.It does not hurt the dog at all.Very good for training a dog to not pull or tug.He won't need it for long.I have used it on all of my Goldens and it works very well.

  • 2013-06-18T03:28:56

That's a gentle leader. They don't hurt the dogs, it teaches them how to walk, not pull or tug.

  • 2013-06-17T23:56:22

Holly that's called a Gentle leader.. Its used to teach the dog not to pull when walking on a leash..I have used them with my dane puppies..

  • 2013-06-17T20:53:35

It is crying, not praising God b/c it has a strap over it's mouth!

  • 2013-06-17T20:38:43

strap around her mouth is called a gentle lead and I don't think he like the music.

  • 2013-06-17T20:37:03

Why the nose strap?

  • 2013-06-17T19:46:12

She looks like she is in pain like it is hurting her ears.... hahahhaa

  • 2013-06-17T19:32:58

Sweet! But why does a golden have that strap on her?

  • 2013-06-17T19:15:44

So very sweet indeed....Dog Bless you.

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