Wynonna Sings Testify to Love Right in Her Kitchen!



  • 2013-07-22T05:30:56

What harmony, God Bless Wynonna and Company!-Stacy Michael Strout.

  • 2013-07-04T20:28:30

I remember the movie that song was from. I loved it and the song. And I would rewind it and rewind it so I could listen to the song.

  • 2013-06-30T16:25:01

That happened to me for a couple of days but it came back.

  • 2013-06-30T16:23:24

That happened to me before.

  • 2013-06-30T16:21:35

Yes. It just builds and builds, adding more harmony, depth, and passion in a humble setting-- giving God the Glory.

  • 2013-06-29T02:38:36

Great song and love she has has for the Lord and her family!

  • 2013-06-29T00:36:46

very good

  • 2013-06-24T23:02:20

My FAVORITE song by Wynonna! Thank you for sharing :)

  • 2013-06-24T19:19:59

I testify that sister Wynonna has testified! I met Wynonna at GMA years ago and could sense her compassion n love 4 others.She was also gracious enough 2 take a photo w/ me which I still have, Thankz Wynonna. Will never 4get it.

  • 2013-06-24T13:12:26

I love to praise the Lord!

  • 2013-06-21T09:31:53

I can not watch. The video's I don't know why. I have joined and it still won't play, can you help?

  • 2013-06-21T00:49:03

Is`nt it giving our Father the glory He deserves when we strive to get along with each other even though we live on the other side of the fence!

  • 2013-06-20T17:57:06


  • 2013-06-20T14:16:22

can not receive these today.

  • 2013-06-20T13:23:37

This is the song that was in one of the episodes of Touched by an Angel that makes me cry every time I hear it. It's SO beautiful! :)

  • 2013-06-19T17:18:36

AMEN!! Praise the Lord!!!!

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