American Idol Finalist Angie Miller Sings at Church You Set Me Free



  • 2014-03-17T19:52:47

Ryan L Kempf Something else that might help is try using headphones or ear buds.

  • 2013-07-10T12:50:25


  • 2013-07-05T13:16:35

Angie- You are a blessing to so many-acknowledging Christ in your life & letting HIM be first-He has blessed you with many talents -you are real & genuine & that's what makes you who you are ~Many Blessings to you Angie!

  • 2013-06-28T15:09:12

If Angie stays true to Christ and continues the path she started, I believe she will be the next Michael W. Smith. I love her behind the piano.

  • 2013-06-23T21:39:45

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  • 2013-06-23T14:39:31

There are some wonderful young people out there that aren't afraid to use their talent giving praise the our Lord. Angie, love your voice and looking forward to your CD.

  • 2013-06-23T13:03:19

Let your praise to The Lord ring through the Heavens Ms. Angie Miller!

  • 2013-06-22T16:33:20

Hi Ryan, I like your last name:)

  • 2013-06-22T15:18:25

Hey Brenda I turned it down my speakers and that seems to help

  • 2013-06-22T11:51:05

Can not make out what she is saying...just a lot of loud noise....sorry. Not liking this at all.

  • 2013-06-22T10:58:30

she should have won. what a God given voice.

  • 2013-06-22T04:18:17

Using our God-given talent in His vineyard will bring us more closer to Him. Continue to sing for the Lord with all your heart.

  • 2013-06-22T02:16:53

Keep the faith! Sing for the Lord!

  • 2013-06-22T01:55:45

Angie Miller sounds great.

  • 2013-06-22T01:54:43

Love this song.

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