Twin Babies Have the Best Time Playing with the Simplest Thing!



  • 2014-09-24T16:32:38


  • 2014-09-24T16:32:06

how did we survive our childhood? And our parents? With all those straws, sticks etc. we could find left alone in the garden? Jeez. With this attitude is better to sedate them and put in safe box till they turn 18. And then label everything to keep them aware that coffee is hot, ice is slippery. Then they grow up unaware of dangers and sue everyone around for harming dumb ass.

  • 2013-09-20T00:27:20

Too cute. Buy an expensive toy... Not as much fun!

  • 2013-08-23T15:13:03

This is soooo dangerous! Children should be packed in bubble-wrap and kept in a nice, safe closet until they're 18. :-)

  • 2013-08-23T02:09:22

How adorable. ust hope neither got snapped by a rubber band.

  • 2013-07-30T21:52:09

It is absolutely adorable! I like to hear babies laugh too, its a special kind of music that truly warms the heart. Yes, these babies are having the greatest time playing with something that I'm sure mom wouldn't have given to them, saying, "here play with these" and then walk out of the room. As to how it came about in the 1st place, who knows when it comes to babies anything can happen. One comment stated how fast the babies could put the rubber band in their mouth & choke on it, but mom was right there & she would have been there even faster to take it back out of the babies mouth. The only problem I see is taking the rubber bands away when it was time to stop! Mom may have stayed there until they were bored with their little game, which seems like it would take quite awhile. Thanks for sharing a fun & precious video, mom!

  • 2013-06-25T16:21:54

the answer to everything is not to put children in front of a tv or game.

  • 2013-06-24T01:04:12

That is so precious! The laughter of children refreshes the heart like a cool stream.

  • 2013-06-24T01:02:43

Why? I thought she was a Lesbian not wanting Christ or Holiness... or even her own child by a man who should be her husband... instead she is a women/husband to her women/wife. Very discusting. She may be funny. But being funny will not get you into heaven.

  • 2013-06-23T22:07:27

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  • 2013-06-23T18:06:09

What a funny video and with someone there watching, it also seemed to be safe. It reminded me of using rubber bands to keep a small great-granddaughter out of an under-sink cabinet while tending her several years ago. I left two sturdy bands hanging on the knobs and when she came one day a week, beginning at about 18 months of age, she would twist the bands loosely around the knobs, say "No" and stay out of the cabinet.

  • 2013-06-22T13:16:33

Is the giggling one girl? Gosh they are so adorable!

  • 2013-06-21T13:42:00

Awe....it's the simply things in life that give you the most joy.

  • 2013-06-18T13:40:40

I was reading some of the comments. Why can't a baby be a baby? Come on people, lighten up. When was the last time you found something simple brought you laughter? Theses babies are not being unattended. Way to go mom!

  • 2013-06-16T14:21:15

they are adorable.

  • 2013-06-16T00:59:09

Mom, you should send this to Ellen DeGeneres show......

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