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Pure Delight
How can you best express the sheer joy and delight found in being with God?

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Love, Hope and Faith



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  • Be Careful With the Weed Killer (7-20-14)
    Be Careful With the Weed Killer (7-20-14)Pastor Martins explains the Parable of the Weeds and draws parallels to The Church and the "perfect congregation."blcvideo2014-07-21T20:54:041,846 views00:26:12
  • The Good Soil (7-13-14)
    The Good Soil (7-13-14)Pastor Doug explains the parable of the good soil and sowing seeds.blcvideo2014-07-14T20:44:06701 views00:27:43
  • Come, Take and Learn (7-6-14)
    Come, Take and Learn (7-6-14)Pastor Doug explains from our Matthew reading, that Jesus promises to give rest to all who are weary, burdened, overwhelmed and over committed. We are invited to come just as we are.blcvideo2014-07-07T15:04:06595 views00:23:30
  • Small But Mighty (6-29-14)
    Small But Mighty (6-29-14)Pastor Doug tells us more stories from our new series "Tell Me A Story." Jesus talked in parables, and although the mustard seed is small, it grows into a mighty tree. In like manner, we are each called to sow small seeds as part of the Body of Ch...blcvideo2014-06-30T22:54:50711 views00:31:38
  • Follow Me... Matthew Followed (6-22-14)
    Follow Me... Matthew Followed (6-22-14)Pastor Doug leads us into our new sermon series, "Tell Me A Story... Earthly Stories with Heavenly Truths." The message deals with mercy & sinners.blcvideo2014-06-24T09:44:57629 views00:40:30
  • The Trinity: 3 in 1 (6-15-14)
    The Trinity: 3 in 1 (6-15-14)Pastor Martins explains The Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit - 3 persons in 1, not 3 Gods. He gives several illustrations to help us understand The Trinity.blcvideo2014-06-16T17:30:45611 views00:24:24
  • The Day of Pentecost (6-8-14)
    The Day of Pentecost (6-8-14)Pastor Doug takes us back to that first Pentecost morning, to a small room full of believers that were charged up by the power of the Holy Spirit.blcvideo2014-06-09T21:47:48632 views00:27:43
  • Don't Be Surprised (6-1-14)
    Don't Be Surprised (6-1-14)Pastor Doug points out from our 1 Peter scripture reading that suffering is part of life and that as Christians we should expect it.blcvideo2014-06-03T18:47:34381 views00:30:55
  • Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days (5-25-14)
    Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days (5-25-14)Pastor Doug explains our reading from 1 Peter, an Epistle of hope for when everything around us is going wrong.blcvideo2014-05-28T22:25:15476 views00:31:59
  • Bring Forth The Light (5-24-14)
    Bring Forth The Light (5-24-14)Michael James Mette makes a stop from his Airstream Tour to lead our Saturday evening service with music and message. From our Gospel reading, Michael restates "If you love me, you'll follow my commands."blcvideo2014-05-26T21:15:35471 views00:12:08
  • Living with a Clear Mind (5-18-14)
    Living with a Clear Mind (5-18-14)Bethel’s Youth Band helps lead our Praise service and Guest Preacher, Lailssa Gemechis from Ethiopia, teaches from 1 Peter 2:2-10 explaining that Jesus is the Cornerstone of the people that God has created as a Kingdom of priests. In order for us ...blcvideo2014-05-26T18:23:39503 views00:30:24
  • Michael James Mette at Bethel May 24, 2014
    Michael James Mette at Bethel May 24, 2014Michael James Mette is coming to Bethel Lutheran Church on Saturday, May 24, 2014. He will help lead the evening church service and a pitchin dinner will follow.blcvideo2014-05-15T17:23:45845 views00:01:47
  • The Gate Keeper  (5-11-14)
    The Gate Keeper (5-11-14)Pastor Martins explains the Gospel reading: Jesus uses an image familiar to the people of his day to make a point about spiritual leadership. Good shepherds bring people to life through Jesus, but those who avoid Jesus are dangerous to the flock.blcvideo2014-05-12T23:38:37477 views00:34:10
  • "Love It... Live It" (5-3-14)Pastor Doug continues our 1 Peter series; we should look for defining moments, second chances and to love deeply.blcvideo2014-05-05T22:05:41346 views00:29:43
  • The Living Hope (4-27-14)
    The Living Hope (4-27-14)Pastor E Dean, preaching on our 1 Peter reading, tells us some of the benefits of Suffering, that life troubles can make us “bitter or better” and that we have a living hope in our Risen Christ.blcvideo2014-04-29T13:34:56506 views00:18:02
  • ...A New Dawn (4-20-14)
    ...A New Dawn (4-20-14)Pastor Doug concludes our sermon series "God Can See You Through..." Thanks to Jesus! No matter what life brings us, God will help us get through!blcvideo2014-04-26T15:14:35503 views00:26:04