'Paradox' Ellie Holcomb Featuring Natalie Hemby

Check out Ellie Holcomb’s new song ‘Paradox’ featuring Natalie Hamby in this music video.

“I thought if I could stand on top of the world and see everything, I would see you so clearly –
High enough for you to hear me, I thought you wanted me to reach for Heavens out of reach
I would know everything You know, but You’re love’s pullin me low, pullin me low
Pulling me low, and now I’m in valley, looking up and You have never felt so close”

In the music video, Ellie Holcomb is singing in some rocky soil with a majestic mountain vista behind her. The picturesque scene pairs well with the beautiful lyrics of the song written by Natalie Hemby and Ellie Holcomb.

‘Paradox’ is from Ellie’s new album titled Canyon. Along with Natalie Hemby, Ellie worked with a handful of other artists to write the songs on the album. Some of those people were Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE, Thad Cockrell, David Leonard, and Jon Guerra.

The album talks about deep sorrow and higher hope and tells the story of how broken humans are and how God heals and restores.

“We all know what it is for our hearts to be split wide open like a canyon by the pain and loss and sorrow we encounter here,” says Ellie. “I spent a lot of my life trying to pretend like I wasn’t broken, trying to ignore some of the deepest wounds in my own story and some of the deepest wounds in the world around me, but what I encountered as I began to lean into these broken places was the nearness, kindness, and empathy of God, who sent His son to break for us, so we could know that our brokenness is never the end of the story.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Paradox’ by Ellie Holcomb today!
Source: Ellie Holcomb

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