90-Year-Old Granny Stuns The Crowd With Swing Dance Routine

Check out this amazing 90-year-old granny’s swing dance routine and how she stuns the crowd with her impressive moves.

The granny in the video is Jean Veloz, and she is a Hollywood swing dance legend. During this routine, she is dancing with a Lindy/Swing dance instructor at the FatCat Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Jean Veloz stepped out onto the floor to wave and then ended up burning up the floor with some of the moves she did in films of the 1940's while dancing with international instructor Steve Conrad of the Arizona Lindy Hop Society,” reads the caption of the YouTube video.

Watching Jean dance across the floor in this video is so captivating! She is so light on her feet! And the crowd is enjoying her performance so much while they are clapping along to the music.

The song that Jean and Steve are dancing to is ‘I’m Beginning to See the Light.’ It is a popular song and jazz standard, with music written by Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges, and Harry James and lyrics by Don George. The song was published in 1944.

As Jean and Steve move around the room, it is so fun to watch Jean grooving to the music, swaying her hips back and forth, and spinning across the dance floor with ease! Even at 90 years old, this talented swing dancer shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon!

According to this video’s caption, “Jean Veloz is a legend and icon of Lindy Hop/Jitterbug whose unique style has been copied over the past 7 decades by dancers around the world. Jean was nominated in 1995 and inducted into the 'California Swing Dance Hall of Fame' in 1996 and can be seen doing her unique style of Lindy Hop in a few surviving films such as Swing Fever and the instructional and hilariously entertaining Pete Smith short, Groovie Movie.”

We hope you enjoyed watching Jean cut a rug and her sweet dance moves brought a smile to your face!

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