Prodigal Son/Mr Righteous (Animated Music Video)

Prodigal Son/Mr Righteous (Animated Music Video)

This is an original song, an adaptation from Luke 15:11-31 ('The Lost Son'). This is an animated music video, telling the story. (It contains mild adult themes). According to the story Jesus told, a father had two sons. The younger son had the audacity to beg the father for his share of the estate, so the father divides the property between both sons. The younger son went off and squandered the money on wild living. He was running out of money, and so gets a lowly job, feeding pigs.

After coming to his senses, he decided to return to his father, and beg to be like a hired servant. "I have sinned against heaven and against you..." (Luke 15:21). While the son was a long way away, the father ran to his son, and embraced him. The father wanted to celebrate, and killed a fattened calf.

The elder son was angry, and refused to come into the house. The father pleaded with the elder son to come in. According to the father, the younger son was dead, but is alive again; he was lost but now is found (Luke 15:31).

Of course, this is a story with deeper significance. The younger son rebelled against his father (representing God). The son went off and sinned, but repented. The elder son was jealous, and so also sinned. He was angry, and so it would seem, did not repent. The prodigal son had a relationship with the father (or God) restored, but not the elder, self-righteous son.

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