Pixar Short Tells Story Of Abused Pit Bull And Stray Cat

A newly released Pixar short is making waves across social media with the unlikely friendship of a pit bull and a stray cat. ‘Kitbull’ is a brand new animated short from the Disney-owned company.

The emotional story is part of the SparkShorts series from the computer animation film studio. Jim Morris, the President of Pixar describes the program by saying, “The SparkShorts program is designed to discover new storytellers, explore new storytelling techniques, and experiment with new production workflows. These films are unlike anything we’ve ever done at Pixar, providing an opportunity to unlock the potential of individual artists and their inventive filmmaking approaches on a smaller scale than our normal fare.”

‘Kitbull’ focuses on the relationship between an abused pit bull and a stray cat. The cat has been on his own for a while when he comes across a dog chained up outside. At first, the feline is fearful of the pit bull. But after some time, the two develop a friendship. Everything changes one night when his owner tosses the dog outside with injuries all over his body. The cat helps nurse the pit bull and, eventually, gives him the confidence to escape the abusive situation.

It all plays out in this beautiful animation that will tug at all of your heartstrings. Since being posted online, the video has been viewed over 3 million times. And once you watch this unlikely friendship play out on screen, you’ll understand exactly why everyone is talking about this Pixar short.
Source: Disney•Pixar

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