Comedian Jim Gaffigan Talks about the First Day of Fall and Dying Leaves

Comedian Jim Gaffigan Talks about the First Day of Fall and Dying Leaves

When asked, many people claim Fall as their favorite season of the year. In this clip, comedian Jim Gaffigan gives a more comedic depiction of the first day of Fall and gives dying leaves a voice.

Gaffigan first talks about how comparing the seasons isn’t a contest, yet we rank them in conversation all the time! Then he points out how people who love Fall “go crazy over the foliage.” The comedian then sheds light to the process of dying leaves that gives us a funny and twisted perspective on our excitement over the changing color of the leaves.

“We think it’s beautiful, [to watch the leaves die] It’s the leave’s hospice!”

Right there, Jim had us in stitches! If you grew up on the East Coast, more than likely you’ve heard a family member suggest a trip to “see the foliage”. Using personification, Gaffigan comically points out the dying foliage would actually be screaming for chlorophyll during their final moments! “Why are these people driving by and smiling at me? You monsters!”

Next, we are also labeled as “insensitive the leaves’ tragedy.” Every October we begin the wait for the leaves to fall (to their deaths!) and then we encourage our children to jump in the piles. Then we rake them up to become mulch or better yet, a bonfire! Ever see those leaves that “hang on” to the branch even through winter? Again, giving the leaves a voice, Gaffigan tells a story of survival from the leaves’ perspective. “I’m going to make it through Winter! Me and my buddy Carl… Carl?” Now we will never look at a tree in December with a few remaining leaves in the same way!

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