Dolly Parton Makes Jimmy Fallon Try on Her Wig

Dolly Parton Makes Jimmy Fallon Try on Her Wig

Dolly Parton is such a down-to-earth celebrity who’s humble roots have helped her stay relevant and much loved! In this revealing interview between Dolly Parton and Jimmy Fallon, we can’t help but laugh at their “hair raising” antics with Dolly’s wig.

This superstar of country music has been recording and touring for decades and always seems so calm and well-put-together. During the interview Dolly reveals one of her secrets to success– She has worn wigs for decades! Dolly shares that due to her tight time constraints while on tour, the wigs save her time when preparing for a performance. She easily jokes that there must be 365 of the wigs!

Dolly shares about her early life and shows a photograph of her childhood home in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Her family of 15 (12 kids plus Mom and Dad) may have been considered poor financially but not so in many other facets in life. The photo showed a very modest, almost run-down looking cabin in the mountains with a large front porch. Dolly shared her childhood pastime using a tobacco stick in the porch floorboards with an old tin can to create microphone. She would hold concerts on that porch for the farm animals and siblings. It may have been humble beginnings but Dolly was clear that her “Mama” worked hard to make them have a positive perspective on life: “Kids, if we had some ham, we’d have some ham and eggs ...if we had some eggs!”

Towards the end of the interview , Jimmy Fallon pulls out one of Dolly’s wigs to show to the audience. When doing so, Ms. Parton suggests Jimmy should try on her wig! Hilarity ensues when he dons the large blonde locks and ends up looking like a front man for an 80’s hair band.

We love how down-to-earth Dolly remains with unabashed resilience. Her delightfully cheerful disposition is evident not just on the stage but radiates through her interaction with others. Her laugh is so infectious, God truly gave her the gift of joy!

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