Viral Video of Toddler Feeding His Grandpa

Viral Video of Toddler Feeding His Grandpa

The Internet responded with tears when a video of a toddler feeding his grandpa went viral. There is nothing sweeter than watching children interact with the world around them. Children truly see the world through a completely different set of eyes than adults. They are full of innocence and wonder. It’s a trait that a lot of us wish we still had today.

With kids, there is no judgment and no fear of embarrassment. They simply care for people with a full heart of love, no matter what. And this little boy is the perfect example of just how big a child’s heart can truly be. Just watch as he steps up to his bed-ridden grandfather and starts to feed him from a spoon. Without hesitation, he gives this man the care and nourishment that he needs. Though the video may be short, Grandpa does not take his eyes off of the young boy the entire time.

You can almost feel the love and appreciation between the two in that moment. Since this video was posted to Facebook, it has been viewed over 90 million times. That’s an incredible amount of people that have seen the compassion and consideration from this little boy.

This is such a perfect example of how amazing God’s children truly are. He puts so much time and effort into every detail of our being and He definitely knew what He was doing when He made children. They are truly a guiding light for us when this world can seem like a place devoid of kindness. Let us remember this little boy and his caring nature the next time we start to lose faith in humanity.

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Posted by Michelle Botta on Thursday, September 27, 2018

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