'From The Depths Of My Heart' - The Isaacs

'From The Depths Of My Heart' - The Isaacs

‘From the depths of my heart Lord I'm calling out to you for

I need you here to lead me,
I've done all that I can do Lord I'm trying
To do my part to see that others make it thru and tho I know I don't
Deserve you, still I'm trying hard to serve you from the depths of my

Each and every day, we call out to the Lord and lean on Him for support. Even when we think He may not hear us, the Lord is always listening. When we cry out to Him, He never leaves our side.

There is no doubt that God is truly our hope, our light and our strength. He stands by us through it all and will never abandon us. When we put our trust in Him, the most amazing things start to happen in our lives.

There’s no doubt that you will be reminded of this as you listen to the powerful lyrics of ‘From The Depths Of My Heart’ from The Isaacs. This family band is always putting their heart and soul into each performance and they truly give praise to His name. They definitely have a God-given talent for leading worship and it’s got me raising my hands in the air and saying ‘amen!’

These lyrics are so true and it's just the reminder that my heart needed to hear today. With the armor of the Lord, nothing can stand in your way. Who else is singing this song out for everyone to hear?

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