Tables Turn On Hidden Camera Show With Man's Reaction

Tables Turn On Hidden Camera Show With Man's Reaction

The TV show ‘What Would You Do?’ is a hidden camera show hosted by John Quiñones. In the program, strangers are put in difficult circumstances and cameras watch how they respond. The reactions can range from person to person but it's always interesting to watch and see what they say afterwards. The dilemmas are always relevant to the current times and sometimes, they have actually happened in real life.

This particular clip is a pretty common situation nowadays. A woman in her 40s is ready to have a baby, but her friend and husband are not happy about it. In fact, they have some pretty disapproving words for this woman. She decides to announce her news at a restaurant and other patrons are taking notice of her loved one’s reactions. The woman and her loved ones are all actors placed in the restaurant by the ‘What Would You Do?’ crew.

It starts off with the normal reactions from customers, but it’s the very last gentleman that caught everyone off guard. As the fake husband expresses his displeasure with his wife’s decision, you can see the patron beside them on his phone relaying what it happening to someone on the other line. Then, when the woman is left alone, he decides to sit beside her and share his inspiring story.

This was definitely an outcome that no one saw coming, including the producers and television crew. This is why I love this show and how it truly captures the real emotions of strangers. God definitely had a hand in this.

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