Carried Away – Lift

This is a rare music video for "Lift" by Carried Away from the album Closer To You. One lady has a t-shirt with: "Jesus loves me and my tattoos." Please do not reupload; quality will be lost.

Much of the style of the video, like a close-up look on the eyes and walking in a school hallway, can also be found in the famous music video "I Need You to Love Me" by BarlowGirl. What makes Carried Away's video different is that it is filmed in Canada.

Note that I added black bars to preserve the widescreen 360p resolution in which I encoded the video. As GodTube upscales uploads to 480p, I wanted to keep things as close to the original as possible.

Portions of audio, photo and video used is under Fair Dealing law according to the Copyright Act of Canada. This educational review is posted online free of charge to discuss Carried Away. This same video was originally uploaded on YouTube by GavinMichaelBooth. This is a higher quality version.

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