Christian Speaker On Why Millennials Frustrate Him

Christian Speaker On Why Millennials Frustrate Him

Motivational speaker and Christian Jefferson Bethke receives a lot of questions about God. As a popular speaker, he tries his best to answer them all by going straight to the source, The Bible. He never shies away from the tough topics and he always gives honest and open commentary. It’s definitely refreshing to hear a fellow Christian address some of the topics that come up from time to time.

Today, Jefferson is talking about millennials and he’s a little bit frustrated by them. Jefferson considers himself a millennial, so he is not excluding himself in these discussions. There are definitely some things about his own habits that begin to frustrate him. He started the discussion by talking about coffee shops.

Years ago, you had to go to the grocery store to get your coffee and now there are shops on every corner. But it seems like some of the specialty stores look down on the chain coffee shops, such as Starbucks or Caribou Coffee. But Jefferson points out that if these larger chains weren’t around, the coffee shop trend wouldn’t even exist. Jefferson draws this comparison with millennials and how they view the older generation, especially in the church community.

Sometimes, the younger generation can look down on their predecessors and how they did things such as a ‘stuffy’ church with hymnals and a dress code. But ultimately, these older generations paved the way for us to worship in our own ways. Instead of having a superior attitude and a negative tone, we should be thankful for those that came before us and all they have done.

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