It Is Well' - Beautiful Hymn From Kristene DiMarco

It Is Well' - Beautiful Hymn From Kristene DiMarco

No matter what trials we may go through in life, it is important to always look to the Lord. Through peace or sorrow, we are reminded that Jesus died for our sins and one day all of our earthly worries will melt away.

That's exactly what you will remember when you hear the amazing words of 'It Is Well.' I always love hearing this special hymn and this performance from Kristene DiMarco was absolutely incredible. These powerful words truly resonate still today and it's such a blessing to sing them in His name.

What a wonderful hymn to let us know that even when times may seem dark, there is always light with the Lord. Thank You for sending Your son down from Heaven to save us all. I will shout these words for all to hear. Amen!

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